Suspended - King gets one week and Witt gets two!!

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Both players have accepted the guilty plea.

Looks like they will both be back as they can serve their sentence in trials.

There were some on Sunday calling out for King to be given 26 weeks (and they were wearing Maroon and White!!! :blaugh:
Mata's face was full of unbridled joy when he watched the replay. He had a completely different look when he saw the female parra supporter dressed in a black denim miniskirt, blue and gold socks to the knee and topped with shin-high ugh boots. :)
what will opposition teams do withking out for 2 matches????
Dan, I think it means we will make 8 less metres in those two matches.

I also think that without King it will confuse the opposition players.

Their fast people will look up and go where's King I want to run around him and score. And then they wont see him and they get so confused they drop the ball.

i like this suspencion ploy - but decision by Des all year.
Agreed. If des has had him in all year, so that we can fool the oposition for 1 match, its a job well done ;)
i think we should start a petition to change the rules so suspensions MUST be served in premiership matches!

would that look odd coming from manly fans ????

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