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I've been to all the games this year and the support at the ground is just great from the loyal eagle followers. Leichhardt and Telstra are real enemy territory and the brave eagle supporters were loud and vocal at both grounds. We outnumbered the tools from the eastern suburbs so it was easy at the SFS. We seem to be the only club with two chants and just screaming them in the stands is great. I wonder how much of an effect it has on the players.
I got out to Leichardt but couldn't get to Telstra. I watched it on Fox, and you could DEFINITELY hear the "Manly!" chants in the background (well done guys). I'm also of the opinion (although I don't have direct confirmation of this) that the players are very appreciative of it - after the Leichardt game, they came over and gave us a big clap/wave.
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It was fun out at the SFS, especially cheering the players got when they came back to the northern end of the gound after a try - the rooster supporters must have been spitting.

It was funny on Fox coverage the commentator said they there were not many Mnaly supporters at the ground.
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the travelling support has improved dramatically over the last few years.

We can regularly get over 5,000 to a game whereas 1000 used to be a good turnout
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You'd be surprised how many manly fans turn out at our games against the broncos too. Quite a large contingent.

Pitty we don't play the Titans up here this year though :(
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My 15 year old daughter took herself to the Dogs game with two friends (caught the Easter Show bus) whilst I was at a 50th down at Ulladulla.

She did not sit with Manly supporters but said that they made a lot of noise and made themselves known with their support. She reckoned that of the 21 000 crowd only 2000 had Manly gear on, though many others were there but too scared to wear their gear due to the Dog's fans repuation.

She said security was high, that Dog supporters are the biggest pack of Wallys she has ever come across and that certain sections of the crowd were morons.

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