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No doubt this will stir up some controversy (and I don't want to go down the old path of sledging the Rockers etc)

However I certainly noticed the presence of the Red and White Army at the semi on Fri certainly and the impact they had on the proceedings.

There were many thousands of them together, they had banners, flags, the big red V jersey and many chants and songs. They were unified and coordinated.

Manly was also well represented in number and at times the Red and White supporters could hear us loud and clear. (A few friends in there told me.) However when the game was in the balance their supporters revved them up. Matabele and Wheel (at 12 nil down) tried to get the Manly supporters in our Bay going and basically there wasn't much of a response.

It has me thinking that it is time that a unfied, inclusive and coherent supporters group was formed under the auspices of the Manly club. (I don't call Silvertails or White Stripe Supporters such group as basically they are forums. - I do think though that they are good for the club, rather than competing with the MSE website but that is another story). I also know that Fan groups are not everyone's cup of tea but support for clubs is very tribal and social. My main point is that Manly needs to do better.

Sadly (in my opinion) the Rockers, despite good intentions, have polarised support, will only approve certainly fans join who fit their definition of 'True Supporter', have alienated some fans and only attract a small number of Manly tragics. Many of the people there are lovely (though I don't know many) but others seem to use it as their elite little clique and want to control their own agenda - which they mistakenly believe is thier version of Truth, Justice and the Manly way.

However it is time that the Rockers (who obviously flew the flag in the merger dark years) moved out in to the mainstream, put aside some of the past crap (maybe unfairly diriected at them in the past) and merge into a broader and bigger fan base. Leadership and some savvy are needed also as it is more than willingness to be involved and loyalty that will generate and maintain an eclectic bunch of fans in one big cohesive supporter group.

Whatever happens, and whether generated by club or not the situation at present where certain supporters can't even join or visit their website (due to some paranoia maybe) must change. I know membership is a big issue for the club - a more cohesive supporter group could help) but how good would it be to have 30 or 40 signs, many more flags and a bunch of 5000 supporters geeing up the side at grounds all around Sydney, especially when under the hammer like last weekend.

I would be interested in response from the reflective and thoughtful posters on the various websites. Please don't turn this into a bashing exercise but offer some constructive and coherent response. Surely it is time for the old garbage to be put aside and for Manly supporters to band together!!!

(This post may be perceived as undue criticism and I would post it on the Rockers website as well except that I was deleted from there long ago, possibly due to my association with the Silvertails website.)

DVS Matt

i'd be all for it, can't see it happening though.

some people are to self obsessed to forgive and forget.

i can't see the manly club getting off their collective arses to make it happen. So i guess it would have to be up to us to do all the work and put it to them.


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It definately needs to be led by the club rather than us groups doing it.

Now that we have started to taste success again it is the perfect time for them to do this.

The club needs to start a group (seperate from the club members) and have like a $2 or no cost joining fee. Rather than push for "you should get to the ground to support the team"

If not run by the club it needs to be endorsed and needs the clubs help to push it along. They need a strong leadership group, freedom and funds!

The Wheel
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Hopefully the club may see this, I note that the new CEO put up a good letter to supporters on MSE today. Hopefully his vision may involve this.

I agree it has to have the support of the club.


Kim Jong Dan
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And along those lines I have started writing a proposal
It would be good if the club could be more proactive in getting supporters in the one area at away games. I am a fair way away so not sure how it would work but say get an allocated area for manly fans to purchase tickets at ata each venue that could be expanded if more seats were required. Then at MSE it could be announced in the week leading up to an away game that tickets should be requested in (bay area) such an such so that the Manly supporters are congregated.


Kim Jong Dan
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oh and the proposal is not for me or use to take it on but and idea for them to approach others with or use it themselves

Jatz Crackers

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To save time CW, herewith is my post in reply as copied from MSE :

This concept of a new supporters club which can stand alongside and separate to the varying forums is just the ticket.

Its my belief that you will succeed with transporting this great idea from thought to action by the fanbase, if you can circumnavigate some of the tired old step toe & son characters who are exclusionist in their thinking.

Progressive plans ae necessary. Commendable stuff.


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Good idea, however it's a long shot asking the club to be proactive or smart in the promotion bit. I rang the club last Monday asking if there was a specific bay for Manly fans to buy tickets to the final. The answer was no, when in fact bay 36 and 37 were allocated Manly fan areas. Go figure. Membership is also a dud as there's no discont on tickets at home games as an incentive to join. That game was never in the balance on friday night so reving up a manly crowd was always going to be hard. At Brookie the crowd is great, as have the eagle supporters been at away games that I have attended, like at Penrif and Caltex (or whatever they call it these days), with the slow MANLY chant going on there. Success will bring fans and excitment so here's hoping 07 will consolidate the successes of 06.


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Great idea CW and I agree with all that was written. I would be highly surprised if the club would want to be involved in such a venture. As we all know what a shambles the MSE was in prior to Aaron taking over (with all the fighting etc).

I have a feeling that the club is enjoying the separation from the fans as it takes away a headache that was caused.

But if they can find a way of making it a supporters club and being looked after by a admin member within the club. Then some control can be had which will help unite all supporters.

Chip and Chase

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I see they have started up a separate discussion forum on MSE for this exact topic, in response to CW's post over there.

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