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From Saturday's Manly Daily comes my worst fear.

The re-introdcution of Monday Night Football and a second Friday night game next season (and only two Sunday games) looks like forcing Manly to play most of their games under lights.

Like most posters one of my favorite Brookie experiences is sitting on the hill bathed in the Northern Beaches sunshine. In fact nothing beats it!

Manly chairman Joe Cross sees a clash with the NRL over this and he wants as many Sunday games as possible. He has stated that he knows this is the local fans preference.

Just how far will TV control and change the game the way we have enjoyed it? We now wait forever to watch the GF on a Sunday night when an early Sunday bbq with friends and settling down for the game had been one of life's pleasures.

I can tell the NRL that there is no way I will purchase the Season Pass for next year. :cop:


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I have made posts on MSE in recent weeks expressing very similar sentiments MB.

We have had season tix in the JT stand for a long time & they are something that I cherish, not the least because they are right on the 50m line. However they are something that may come under pressure for next season because of the amount of FNF & MNF football that will be played next season.

However they don't come cheap and they are have to be paid for by November each year, which is long time before you actually get to use them.

As a spectator I do not like attending Friday night games as it is quite difficult to get to Brookie after work. With 2 FNF games next year it is reasonable to assume that we probably have up to 6 FNF games next year at Brookie. On top of that we are also likely to get a MNF fixture at Brookie. I don't know abou others but MNF football is designed only for TV, it completely ignores the fans that attend the games. I have no doubt that MNF football will attract very few people to Brookie which will affect our clubs bottom line.

On top of the fact that NRL continue pandering to the Nine Network & Foxtel and refuse to release the draw with dates & fixtures, these will only be named a few weeks in advance of each match.

The NRL have completley ignored the fans that are the backbone of every club, those that make the effort to regulary attend their clubs home fixtures.

If the AFL can work with the TV networks to provide a draw at the beginning of each season that gives times date and venue then why can't the NRL?

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I agree with Pete and MB on this one. The atmosphere from big crowds at local suburban grounds is unbeatable. Shortsighted decisions for the TV dollar are ruining our game!!


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melbourne should go for monday night games

that way theres no competition from AFL games


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Monday night footie is crap for any fans not living in close proximity to Brookie. Friday night is hard to get to leaving the other side of town after work to get to Brookie by 7.30. Then to get home at a decent hour with work the next day. The NRL serves TV and not the fan base of the various clubs. How many souths/dogs/tigers fans will get to telstra on a Monday night? a dwindling number is my guess. The only club that will do well from Monday night footie is the Roosters at the SFS.


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Sheer reason I havent been to as many games this year
night games are tough when you live 1hr 15min from Brooky


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I hate the night grandfinal and am not a fan of night games. I love going to brokie in the arvo, it is unbeatable

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