Sunday speculation

Journey Man
The Tele has a shock horror story that Cat Randall might be let go. Well boo hoo. It's not as if he's excelled at anything other than mediocrity for the last two seasons.

Also speculation that we're still after Orford with Monaghan to go to number 9. Good to see the Tele reads AE these days.
Journey Man
Let's just e-mail Max and tell him that the boy must be kept. Seems as though he's the one wearing the pants anyway.


I cant see us winning a premiership without Randall.

Hahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahah. Im joking if you didnt catch on.
UFO Hunter
I thoroughly enjyed Messiaghan's performance today. According to the blokes on the Raido, he won us the match.
Journey Man
you a d*ckhead

randall was ****house and you blame monas who behind bk was our best in the first half

Add to that yet another game where he had to carry witt
we lack composure whenever the heat is on.the little things that the class players do like anasta did today are not part of our game.

i really think our relationship with the refs is more of a concern than people think.brisbane are masters at putting bad decisions behind them and getting on with it.

how do we fix the above.i do not know but until we fix it we are making up the numbers.
Journey Man
I agree sue. We have had over 100 points scored against us in the last 3 games (who included Souths/Newcastle & of coarse The Bulldogs). We are not looking very positive at all. Des needs to seriously pull something out of his bag. Maybe Ballin for Randall. Maybe Peachey for Donald. Cuthbertson in there somewhere. I also think we need a change of captain. Sorryt to say that lads, but it is well known Monnas has a poor rapoure with the referees. Get an international like Kennedy to do the job. He did it for Newcastle on occassion, and worked really well with the refs, and really fired his team up. He's a positive captain. Not one that puts his hand on his hip, and shakes his head & looks forelorn.

If we don't smarten up this week...we are goooorn in my opinion.

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3 2 1 28 6
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4 3 1 16 6
4 2 2 -10 6
4 2 2 23 4
3 1 2 4 4
4 2 2 2 4
4 2 2 -2 4
4 2 2 -9 4
4 2 2 -12 4
4 2 2 -13 4
3 1 2 -40 4
4 1 3 -13 2
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4 0 4 -30 0
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