Sucked in Naomi Robson

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Journey Man
Yet another reason not to watch the gutter 'journalism' of Today Tonight.
hahahahahahaha, their is not one person in australia who hasn't throw around a heap of language like that at some stage of their lives. Somehow I feel this is very similar to dunnley, in a weird way. Everyone swears. Who was the self rightiouse bastard who taped her and released it.
What's even funnier is the fact that Naomi on Today Tonight recently ran a segment bagging Rove for dropping the 'f' word..... 9 fcuks in 15 seconds, she beat Bolts record !
I played the piece on the pc as my kids walked in. They were not impressed and even less when they discovered who it was. Never watch that sort of crap anyway - just as bad as Laws, Jones and the mindless morons on talkback!!
I can't say I've ever watched the show because I prefer to pay for my lobotomies.

However, it's always amusing to see the three inch thick make-up veneer get cracked by someone running up behind a celebrity and giving them a good dacking.

Triple J's Today Today got hold of the tape.
Yeah that's where I heard it on JJJ.
Not all but alot of chicks in journalism- in particular TV tend to have very colourful language and most would be surprised by the way they talk off camera !
One of our lecturers at uni (female I might add) once told the girls in the class that "if you think a pretty face is going to get you places it won't- you're just gunna have to fcuk you boss if you want to get anywhere"
true story !
I heard it on JJJ as well. They always come up with the good stuff or give you a new slant on something. Loved their take on the drug-sniffing dogs hooked on talcum powder.
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