Strauss or Clarke

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I rate clarke highly but from what ive seen and read i think Strauss is the better player. He has 3 centries and 4 half centries from his first 8 tests.

These 2 will be 2 of the stars for years to come im sure.

Its good to see the poms with some good young talent.
I reckon Clarke. He has proven himself in India, arguably the toughest place to play away from home, excluding of course against Australia.

Strauss also looks very impressive, but i've got to say Clarke.


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neither of them has played Australia yet.

Strauss is batting In a far harder position being an opener.

Strauss is the better player at this stage, but they are both good.

and whats a centrie? :lol:
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Too early to call as yet. Clarke has scored most times that we have really needed him to - especially in India. Strauss is in a different position in the batting order. A lot of water will go under the bridge before a call can be made on this one.

Very different batting at 6 for Australia when it is four or five sessions before he gets a bat in most situations.
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I haven't seen much of Strauss except for a few glimpes on fox - he has definately improved the Pomms though and seems pretty consistant at the top of the order. Maybe in a similar style to Hayden ie attacking opening bat.
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Strauss looks the goods,is 27 so it makes you wonder where the Poms have been hiding him for all these years.

Clarke is good as well,but will be a much better player when he can curb the natural attacking tendencies and pick his shots instead of the brain explosions

It can get a bit boring as well listening to Richie and the boys cream their undies over his fielding
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Strauss has managed another century, 7 runs shy of Engalnds 1st inning total at stumps.

He has now play 9 matches, for 4 centuries and 4 half centuries.

Also Englands opening partnership is looking good, 4 times out of 9 appearances they have passed 100. A very good start.

I am really looking forward to the Ashes next year, seems we might finally be given a run for our money. ( india in india doesnt count since they doctored the pitches)
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you sure its not 967?

He had 810 on the board before this match according to cric info. and got 25 in the first innings (top score).

Not long to go till he cracks the 1000 in his first season, a very good effort
At the moment Strauss is ahead...Although they wont go head to head as such it will be a good contest for the Ashes....I predict that by then a more seasoned Clarke will take England by storm. Leading run scorer on tour.......... The Aussies will work Strauss out early and he may struggle a bit.....
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It will be interesting to see how Strauss goes against a quality attack. I think McGrath, Gillespie & Kaspa are head and should above the South Africans at the moment.
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Big call wheel against Polluck and Ntini, SA is let down by there 3rd and 4th bowlers compared to us.

As for Strauss, well i saw him play for an hour yesterday and he was good. Very good head on him, picks the right balls, fantastic footwork - everything you want. I think he has clarke by a bit, mostly on maturity, but that counts for a lot.
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Ntini is the worst opening bowler i've ever seen. He can't bowl 3 deliveries in an over that a batsman has to play at. He's a shocker.

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