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Mark Geyer's RLW article this week is headlined "Memo Dessie: Don't upset the eagles applecart by ditching main man Monas for the Ox"

And goes on to read:

I never thought i'd say this, but I can't find a spot in Manly's starting line up for representative halfback and million dollar man Matt Orford, such is Michael Monaghan's rich vein of form.

With the Sea Eagles flying high on top of the ladder, Monaghan has been leading the way. How about his chip and chase to put Steve Bell away for the winner last week against the dogs? Manly's faithful haven't seen anything like that since Phil Blake was wearing the No.7 back in the 80's.

This time last year Monaghan wasn't sure exactly where he stood, having been shunted to hooker after orford's arrival from Melbourne, and it showed with some pretty ordinary performances. But, boy, hasn't he turned it all around. He now looks extremely comfortable being his teams go-to man, so much so that i get the feeling that if Orford was rushed straight back, Manly would resemble another team who had too many cooks - Cronulla 2006.

Then a bit more dribble.... then

We could give out the individual accolades to most of their players, such has been their sensational form so far in 2007. But the biggest rap has to go to Monaghan, Brent Kite, Jamie Lyon and their under-rated coach.

He goes on to give individual wraps:

Jamie Lyon - Hasn't been in career best form but is bringing stability to the team when they are under seige out wide.

Brett Stewart - Conitnues his freakish scoring ability.

Jason King - Has found that much needed "oomph" factor.

Anthony Wamough - Has returned to his rampaging best.

Glenn Stewart - Has just about been the form second rower in the comp

Brent Kite - Has developed into the player we always knew he would become, with his ball carrying the best in the comp so far.

Des Hasler - The biggest praise has to be saved for Dessie. The once-on-edge and visibly stressed mentor has transformed himself into a coach who seems fully at ease with what's happening in and around his club. He seems to have found a way to channel his emotions into bringing out the best in his players. So much so that Manly are morals to be playing well into spetember.

I know it's only MG but good to see the boys getting a plug.


UFO Hunter
Mark Geyer is on crack.

Jot that one down as another outlandish, stupid, no brained footballer comment.

What an idiot.
What a goose. Obviosly doesn't watch football on the weekends.

Orford should be the first person picked for Manly every week.


Journey Man
orford himself said he would return via PL

MG just doesnt ahve the smarts to realise he was JOKING

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
[quote author=Jatz Crackers]
How come you guys dont seem to recognise that its just page filler stuff.

Even so, it doesn't mean we can't call him an idiot.

Oh for sure......go right ahead :lol:


UFO Hunter
MG is an idiot. Like you said CC he just watches the highlight real. The rest of the time he's prancing as a motivational speaker.

BTW, motivational? I can't understand that ****, or how he could possible convince or motivate me. Has anyone been to one of those movies where you walk out and your like "yeah. im gona change my life!" and then on the drive home its starts to hit you and you think "**** it, its too ****en hard"


[quote author=SilentBob]
[quote author=Jatz Crackers]
How come you guys dont seem to recognise that its just page filler stuff.

Even so, it doesn't mean we can't call him an idiot.

Oh for sure......go right ahead :lol:


Thank you sir, Mark Geyer is an idiot. :dance:
Actually, I take back what I said. What he wrote about Kingy, B Stewart and Lyon appears to be fairly spot on. I just think that maybe he's getting a little carried away with the whole Monas hysteria that is going on.

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