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Did anyone see the story in one of the Sunday papers on sports websites and more specifically league forums- it mentioned Manly being one of the NRL clubs with a forum.
There was similiar article in RLW 2 issues ago talking about the issues cause by rumours etc on forums. Penrith still have their forum and they said they get 90,000 hits per month or maybe week. I reckon AE would do that. !drunk: !dance:
yeah we do that, since we reported 1000,000 hits we have reached 1 600 000 in less than a month.

600,000 in less than a month

less than 1 month!
I reckon the Manly Daily should run a story on the 4 Manly web-sites and forums and some of the characters that therein lurk.

Maybe I should draft up a press release from AE? :twisted:
Not sure which paper as yesterday was a bit of a blur thanks to finishing Saturday night off with a bottle of port through port sippers. The story was on a left hand page and was just a narrow strip op the right hand side of the page. It made mention that us Penrith and one other club were the only ones left with official forums and that they were heavily monitored by the club.
Bottom line is that having forums means more traffic and involvement on behalf of fans. I think a good proportion of posters visit ME, AE and OEE pretty regularly. The visitors don't see them as competing and whilst most have their favourites it means more people using the net to check out Manly. (All sites have their strengths)

I can't see Manly as a club having a problem with this either as long as a site doesn't tear the club and its management apart (as was unfairly claimed by a small minority of insiders last season) and is seen to promoting support and passion for the team.

It is interesting to see that the LU Manly forum is very quiet (much better sites to go to) in comparison to those of other clubs where they don't have the good fortune to have official or unofficial sites.

Bottom line too is that Daniel, Byso, Six etc have contributed to great features on this site and Mata, Bradza and co write some very interesting stuff, in amongst the dribble! :lol:
*cough* Daniel writes some good round previews too *cough*
*cough* Daniel writes some good round previews too *cough*
Daniel[/b], Byso, Six etc have contributed to great features on this site and Mata, Bradza and co write some very interesting stuff, in amongst the dribble!

Great features can be considered articles!!!!

Wheel posts all the news articles too.

no just me. you know how big my ego is!

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