Storm v Broncos - Fri night

Did you guys see that game? In particular the second half? It was at an unbelievable pace and there was some breathtaking plays. I couldn't help thinking that there was no way we could keep up with either of these two teams if either of them were to go up a gear, especially the Storm. Food for thought.


Journey Man
We would have flogged them both on our first 6 rounds performance.

At half time it would have been 30 nil

Kiwi Eagle

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I thought the Bronco boys up in the box pumped the game up far more than it should have been, Walters and Ikin were a disgrace

The thing that caught my eye from this game was Lockyer, he looked disinterested, stood there and watched Hoffman go through to score and stood over the ball in the ingoal while Slater dived in for the try


UFO Hunter
Agree Kiwi.

I was gob smacked to hear some of the rubbish those blokes were dishing up about the game.

I swear to god that I was watching a different game. Broncos were 10 points down with a minute to go and Kevin Walter comes out with the brightest of observations.

"There not our of this one yet the Broncos".

Kiwi Eagle

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The best of the night was a high shot Civoniceva put on. Walters comment

"There was nothing in that, just a slap across the temple"


Journey Man
im still not sure how they were so buggered in the second with all the rests they got in the first from the constant dropped ball
While I agree Ikin is a biased idiot, i disagree that the game was pumped up. That 10 minute span before Stagg scored was phenominal, and a pleasure to watch as a RL supporter.


i agree, barring dropped ball i thought it was a great game!

and thought we would be in all sorts if we where involved in this game !


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The key to beating both teams is to play our own style. With a team that's 'up tempo', slow the ruck with multiple players in tackles, Keep a straight line with no running out to force them to come through. Keep the ruck solid and wrap up the ball in tackles, limit offloads. Target their smart players. Simple really.

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