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Still A Work In Progress

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Disco, Mar 14, 2016.

  1. Disco

    Disco Well-Known Member

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    The hysteria is out in full force and it will continue all week but I still have high hopes for this year and still think top 4 should be the aim

    That said the start to the season has been dissapointing......I mean of course it was going to take time to gel but I did not see two flat performances like that.

    So some measured thoughts away from the tantrums of most

    Barrett - cannot be judged after two games, needs the full season before anyone starts calling for his head, rome wasn't built in a day

    Lawrence and Starling - Positive move by Barrett and both played well, Lawrence in particular showed a lot of spark

    Lawrence and Parcell - These two lifted us immensely, Parcell should start next week. I rate Api as a player but he has gone through a tough time a needs time in reserves to get himself back on track

    Cherry-Evans - Forget the paycheck, we were happy to pay as were many other clubs but he does need to stand up on games where things aren't necessarily going his way

    Walker - Dont panic, there have been some decent signs, he was never going to hit the ground running

    Jake - Legend

    Tom & Snake - Tom will be a superstar but Snake is still absolutely vital to our team, people on here need to stop wishing him out the door

    Taupau - A glimpse of what is to come, looked dangerous in attack

    Tapau, Matai, Taufua - Worry me defending side by side

    Williame - Not as diabolical as touted but should be dropped.......We are really lacking backline depth and I worry when we have two or three out

    Green - Better options available IMO

    Brown - Not deserving of being lumped in with Williame & Green

    Myles - A bit concerning

    Next week

    1. Stewart
    2. Taufua
    3. Lyon
    6. Walker
    7. DCE
    9. Parcell
    10. Starling
    11. Brown
    12. Taupau
    13. Trbojevic

    14. Buhrer
    15. Lawrence
    16. Knight/Lussick
    17. Leary/Symonds/Mateo
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    • voicefromthehill

      voicefromthehill Well-Known Member Premium Member

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      No place here for that type of balanced assessment.
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        Take the individual performance ratings out completely and you will quickly arrive at a team that can't defend and that possibly won't improve over time.
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        • NickRobbo1998

          NickRobbo1998 Generic_Tragic101

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          1. Stewart
          2. Trbojevic
          3. Lyon
          4. Matai
          5. Tafua
          6. Walker
          7. DCE
          8. Starling
          9. Parcell
          10. Lawrence
          11. Brown/Leary/Buhrer
          12. Tapau -good decision baz
          13. Trbojevic - good decision baz

          14. Brown/Buhrer/Leary
          "second hooker/utility"
          15 Lussick
          16 Vave
          17 Myles/Mates

          I think Koroisau will be benched next week and dropped entirley for parcell next.

          Myles needs to bloody run hard, fmd, worst prop on the feild, Burgess ran and bent lines better last year!!!

          Green/Williame, go play reggies and never return
        • joeboy

          joeboy Well-Known Member

          +617 /29
          All fair enough. I expect people like Williame to have some mistakes in his game, what is hard to abide is players like Myles, Lyon and brown who would have close on 700 games between them not pulling up the slack, leading the line speed and inspiring their younger players to make up for errors, why would a young player try and force a mistake in a tackle when they see what Myles dishes up as defence. Look at the gulf between jakes defence and Myles. If Myles no longer can run as fast with a hit up, he should be making damn sure he is making a difference in defence. Flops and passive defence don't mean much when a new team is needing some inspiration.

          I believe we will get better too. But it's not a long season if you only win a couple in the first half. It's also the the nature of our performances we are being out enthused, lacking intensity, and making elementary mistakes. That's not a problem because of having new players. That's lack of preparation and attention to detail, poor coaching and a lack of desire. That's what is concerning me.

          All the pre season press had the new look manly champing at the bit to rip in.. It looks pretty much nothing like that to me.
        • simon64

          simon64 Well-Known Member Premium Member

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          Yes I understand the team is new and it will take time.

          But we need to be more dominant in the middle of the field. Two weeks in a row and the opposition was making too many metres through simple bash and barge tactics. It makes it far too easy for opposition coaches to come up with a game plan.

          Just keep it tight. Manly are soft. Then there will be plenty of room out wide. The backs couldn't number up to save themselves.

          I look forward to being proven wrong but I see no evidence that that will happen anytime soon.

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