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UFO Hunter
Jul 15, 2004
This is a new section to Alternate Eagles.com. How this works is, each week in the Football Forum and the General Forum we will pose a question concerning things happening in our game and/or any other matter. It is then up too you guys to debate fight it out and give us your opinions on the topic. At the end of the week, the topic will be read over by one of the site admins and a verdict will be stated according to the results you guys come up with.

This weeks topic is:

Is the NRL concistent in the dealings with Players off and on field behaviour? How and Why?

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Canteen Worker

Well-Known Member
Jul 15, 2004
Whilst I agree with Hoppa's letting go, there is still some inconsistency. Even Phil Gould agreed in the Sun Herald and wrote a good piece.

That Adam McDougall gets two weeks for a bad hit on Withers is a joke and there seems to be inconsistency. Even the ABC commentators on the radio yesterday had a go at the video ref and the double standards that are being applied.


Active Member
Aug 31, 2004
There is no doubt that the NRL harbours grudges against certain players - but largely these players bring it upon themselves by being repeat offenders. In a sense this could be seen as being "inconsistent" when players are suspended for longer periods than others for very similar tackles.

The Mad Dog tackle deserved 4-6 weeks I felt, but it was no where near as bad as Hoppa's. I was drifting towards thinking that they were similar when I saw Mad Dog's tackle about 20 times in a row, then last night I saw Hoppa's again and the difference is massive.

Off the field - well. I have a lot to say about this. About how the Bulldogs and the Knights situations were handled differently. How the NRL got involved in both. There is NO doubt in my mind that Dane Tilse was a scapegoat, no doubt at all. What he did doesn't compare to what the Bulldogs did. It doesn't even compare to what Chris Walker did. Or what Mick Crocker did. Tilse was very unlucky. And so I will say that off the field, in this season at least, the NRL hasn't been anywhere near consistent in their punishments of players.

But that's just me. I haven't gone into the details about everything because legally I don't know how it would affect the site, and being a newcomer I certainly don't want to upset the apple cart so soon.


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