Steppa would be mad.......

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Journey Man
It seems as though we have an offer on the table for Steppa, but there are these rumours that the Bulldogs are after him.

Reasons Steppa would be mad to take the Bulldogs offer:

1. The club is constantly on the verge of implosion with discipline problems and all kinds of unsavoury off field incidents.
2. The core group of their senior leadership is tainted by Willie Mason. Like it or not, I wouldn't want to pin a club culture on a player like that.
3. They're not based on the Beaches!
4. If the Bulldogs backline stays fit it is likely that Steppa will languish in PL. At least with Manly he seems to be staking a spot on the wing.

If I were his old man I'd be advising him to stay with Manly, even if the pay is less. Money is not everything!
Well it depends on the offer on the table - as stated many times players have a 10 year lifespan - if our offer is 40K say and the dogs 60K thata a big difference for a 21 year old
You could make a case that the "lifestyle" benefits of staying would be close to that $20k though.
My read of the infamous post by media is that they neither Steppa or Mattai are likely to stay. You could only assume that we have offered minium dollars, I have no problem with the players taking the cash available elsewhere. Try telling a young bloke that $20K - $30K is not a lot of money.
Sam Harris is playing with the Tigers next year, I will lay huge odds that he will not be moving from the Northern Beaches, because you play elsewhere doesn't mean you still cannot enjoy the lifestyle of the northern beaches.

Ryan Girdler lived at Newport and travelled to Penrith to earn his money from football.
But Campbelltown? That's a nice drive each day. At least here to Penrith, it's just up Mona Vale Rd, then onto Freeway.
Team P W L PD Pts
4 3 1 39 8
5 4 1 35 8
5 3 2 14 8
4 3 1 12 8
4 3 1 11 8
5 3 2 47 6
5 3 2 38 6
6 3 3 37 6
5 3 2 21 6
4 2 2 -3 6
5 2 3 2 4
5 2 3 -5 4
6 2 4 -5 4
5 2 3 -20 4
5 2 3 -48 4
4 0 4 -85 2
5 1 4 -90 2
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