Steppa to Dogs

The Wheel
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Danny Wielder reckons steppa has signed with the dogs whilst RLW has Manly signing Micheal Roberston from the raiders.

I am not sure whether it is a fair swap or not.

Danny also said that the confirmed with the Roosters that Bannigan had approached them to offer Monas - interesting.


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We were very close to signing Salkeld from the Knights.

It will be interesting to see hos he goes this weekend.

The Wheel
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Also he said Beaver was to extend his contract after 2006.

Byso - well someone is lying it is either:

1/ Weidler
2/ Bannigan/Roosters
3/ Monas saying he is happy at Manly

Take a pick!


I don't whether I am all that fussed about Robertson comming to manly instead of Steppa. It sounds like Taylor is not going to get a run in 1sts. We look a bit lite on for wingers next year - especially big, fast agressive ones (Vainakialo would be a great choice)


Kim Jong Dan
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I have been very impressed with stephenson on the wing, I think next year we will target a winger and a few forwards on the open market


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i agree that steppa has found his niche but maybe too late - if we do let him go i would think that robertson is in the bag


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Who cares if Robertsons in the bag, he's a shocker.

IMO Donald adds more and I am not one of Donalds biggest fans.

Manly haven't even re-signed Bryant for next year, I am starting to lose some faith in the ability of our management. I mean fair enough they snared the 'big names' but no team will win a comp without good depth, and at the moment we dodn't even have a winger capable of playing first grade bar Hiccups.


I like Stephenson on the wing. He is really solid in defence and under the high ball and he is there in attack. The only thing he is missing in my mind at the moment is the explosive pace.


Journey Man
You all know that Robertson got pulled from the team because Elliott thought he was ACTUALLY losing them games. He has the Donald factor under the high ball i.e. gets shoved out of the area by anyone with size. He also crabs before running forward, and as NRL goes, has the second worst conversion rate for a winger to tries.

I'm not excited about Robertson OR Rose.


I actually thought Robertson was alright, that was in 2003 when the Raiders had that good year. Haven't seen him since, so will reserve judgment.
he is a good player.played very well in 04 when they made the semis (22 games).very fast and pretty aggressive.half you blokes wouldnt know who he is in the first place and are exactly the same clowns who fell in love with monaghan who IS a canberra reserve grader.

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