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Spuds Bodyguard

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Paul Stephenson has signed a 2 year contract with the Sharks to replace the bunny bound Vagana.
Not exactly earth shattering news but good luck to him.
that came out of the blue. I liked him, good clubman. But he's not the most talented player I've seen so it's not such a bad thing for the club.

Does anyone know the news on John Williams from Parra? We were rumoured to be getting him.
To replace Vagana ?? are they going to play him in the centres ? He was solid enough but don't think I'll lose any sleep over it.
If I were the sharks I would prefer Vagana to Steppa. At least vagana has broken a tackle or two in his career.

Hopefully we will be announcing some more signings for next year soon.
You guys are hopeless really. I like the guy as a player. You watch what Raper does with him (so to speak). Another Manly loss...the ranks are trully thinning...
the fonz is back to bid goodbye

i hope he does well, always tried hard and never seemed to complain about being dropped
[quote author=Spuds Bodyguard]
Paul Stephenson has signed a 2 year contract with the Sharks to replace the bunny bound Vagana.
Not exactly earth shattering news but good luck to him.
What was your source spud
Oh, he was a good back up... good on him he'll find alot more game time over there.. especially with Lyon heading our way!

Good luck to the fonz and steppa :)

Do you guys who watch PL rate Wes Tillot.. can't remember the other centres name off the top of my head??

Do we think they'll be able to step up incase of injury... i think this might show that lyon will be playing centres.. in that case i wonder what'll happen with Matai??

Don't shoot me down too quick but does anyone think he'd make a decent dummy half??

My main reason being he is 2nd on dummy half runs and is up the top of the list for dummy half metres aswell... i guess he prolly can't pass

**** i dunno.. my head hurts
I always had a soft spot for him. He was a decent player

Guys these girls pictures have to go.

They are bordering soft porn and the host got in touch ith me. We will get punted
Looks like thats the end of Fonz.

Shame to see him go, but he probably feels he wasn't getting a fair go in the NRL at Manly.

Arko said he'd like to see Matai as lock. I agree with giving him a go at that position. He's strong and runs straight. He would need to fix his tackling style but as lock he'd not need to even consider passing the ball (which seems to come naturally) Just get the shoulder stuff out of his head and hold the line in defense. This could all be coached, I guess. And I never did get an avartar (sounds rude) to punt.

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