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Journey Man
Watmough, King and Stewart even better

223m for watmough with 6 offloads
King 164 from 20 hitups
170m from Glen Stewart and topped the tackle count with 34

Had a look at the team stats year to date, we are top 4 in everything exept line breaks where we are 10th. We have 6 players in the top 25 for metres gained, watmough, stewart, king, stewy2, kite and hicks
Massive wraps on G. Stewart. He makes great metres and is topping the offloads in the comp. I reckon Snake needs to follow his brother's off-load around much more.
Had a look at the team stats year to date, we are top 4 in everything exept line breaks where we are 10th.

The big reason for us struggling in the line break department is because we score so many tries off kicks.

Any try scored off a kick doesn't register as a line-break, whereas any other try (even if it is a scoot from dummy-half that realistically doesn't actually "break" the line), is counted as a line-break.

Interesting to see who is dominating the line-break assists though. 1st at Manly, and 6th in the comp is Monas.
Watmough!!!!! huuuuuugggggeee 223m ffaaaarrrrk
Watmough was simply incredible last night.

What are his defensive stats??

So far for that game he has:

6 offloads
1 line break
1 try

how was his defence??? That's a perfect game i reckon!
24 tackles, 3 missed. no errors, 15 tackle breaks (most of these would've come from that one massive run for his try).
Now that Watmough is making breaks can someone teach him how to draw and pass. We bombed another one last night when he didn't position his support to score an easy try. It's something I do with kids and it isn't that hard.
he needs to trust his support, although there was come cover defence coming stewy had a couple of yards, thats all he needs
Watmough against broncos:

223 metres
2 line breaks
6 Offloads
15 tackle breaks
24 tackles
3 missed

and a try!!

He made the LU team of the week:

Look at the stats Choc and Gallen got:
Second row: Paul Gallen (Sharks) - 1 try, 28 hit ups, 239 metres gained, 3 line breaks, 5 offloads

Blew the Dogs away and is knocking on the door for Origin as well. Ready-made replacement if someone has a bad night.

Second row: Anthony Watmough (Sea Eagles) - 1 try, 22 hit ups, 223 metres gained, 2 line breaks, 6 offloads

What a back row! Watmough could be in calculations for a Blues jersey as well and might have been a bit unlucky to miss out in the first place. He’s proven himself at that level and would be handy to have coming off the bench.

Fark Hindmarsh (wow, he tackles that't it) and Ryan off. Gallen on Choc could kill it.
I'm glad Choc missed the Blues callup. He was sensational for us Monday night. His wide running was great. With two metre eaters, himself and Stewart, it certainly gives us go forward. His try was just strength and determination.

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