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Stadium Plan - Rothfield


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May 28, 2010

Phil Rothfield, The Daily Telegraph
15 August, 2017
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IF Allianz Stadium really is a death trap, why is it still hosting major sporting events?

The Daily Telegraph yesterday revealed that a confidential building assessment said it would struggle to cope with a serious emergency.

Are we waiting for a horrific crowd crush?

What has the SCG Trust been doing with its maintenance program for the past 30 years?

What happens on Anzac Day next year or at the A-League derby, two events that attract 40,000 fans?

This is what Sydney needs to sort out its stadium issues.

Surely the government should step in and close it down if it’s as bad as the Trust is telling us.

Move the big events to ANZ Stadium.

If they have identified critical safety issues, why have these not been addressed until now, conveniently while they are lobbying for funding?

There are so many questions that need answers.

Has the Trust spent too much on the SCG and ignored Allianz?

I was in Melbourne over the weekend watching the Storm play the Roosters at AAMI Park.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, their treasurer Tim Pallas and advisers were in the same suite.

Rest assured they are loving the fight over our stadium funding.

As the Premier left after the game, he told me his government would be taking more events from NSW. They already have State of Origin next year. They want an NRL grand final, too.

They want the Jeff Horn–Manny Pacquiao rematch.

What to do with a struggling Allianz Stadium? Turn it into a 35,000-seat boutique stadium.
This is why Victoria is the sporting capital of the country. They get it.

The stadium issue should be easy to sort out.

What this city needs is a 75,000-seat rectangular stadium at ANZ for footy blockbusters and major events.

Allianz should be a 35,000-seat boutique stadium like AAMI Park or the new Parramatta Stadium.

That’s all they need.

A similar stadium should be built in Sydney’s south for shared use by the Cronulla Sharks, St George Illawarra and possibly a third A-League side.

Brookvale Oval should become a 20,000-seat venue like the great stadium at Gosford.

This way Sydney would be well covered for the next half-century in the north, south, east and west.

No more politics. Just great modern facilities our rugby league fans deserve

bob dylan

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Jun 16, 2010
Written by the same clown who yesterday wanted to tell us how great the Storm have been for the past 15 years.

He seemed to omit a lot of facts and details.

Buzz has his agenda, and its save the sharks at every point.

At least the article above makes some sense.


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May 14, 2013
Until the NRL gets proper administrators that care about the game as opposed to petty disputes then he can write whatever he likes because Rugby League is a dying sport due to incompetence and no forward thinking. It's almost September and teams are still unsure of funding for next year.

State government is not going to go out of its way to help Rugby League as the NRL would have zero idea where the game is heading in 5 years time and beyond. Parra stadium is getting an upgrade due to WSW not the Eels is an example

Pommie Eagle

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Oct 30, 2010
Upgrade suburban grounds, whilst retaining their character. What on earth is ANZ going to be used for?Forget ANZ - it's a completely soulless white elephant and you would be pi$$ing money down the drain for what 5 or 6, tops, games of any code a year - Focus on the rebuilding of a new parra, redevelopment of other suburban grounds and some money thrown at Allianz for a make over whilst maintaining a 50,000, or close to capacity.

Harvies elbow

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Apr 28, 2016
Now the telegraph, through its editorial, has jumped on the alliance bandwagon, along with Alan 'Gloria' jones, seems the SCG trust is garnering support and applying some political pressure.
What that means for anz only time will tell.
Can't see any for Brookie, other than what's already been promised.
Anything doing with that btw?


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Aug 16, 2013
As much as Sunday sucked how great did Leichhardt look!!! Couple that with Brookie last week how good suburban grounds are for Rugby league
This is why I think a game like ours against the Dogs this Sunday should be at Belmore rather than ANZ. A 10-15k crowd at Belmore would look much better than the same at Homebush with 70-odd thousand empty seats.

I understand the financial rewards for clubs who use places like ANZ and the SFS as home venues, but the trade off is that the games lack atmosphere unless they are at least half full and TBH that is rare for any NRL games other than finals.

The problem is that they look at the AFL in Melbourne who back in the 90's abandoned playing at the smaller grounds and moved all their games to the MCG, Waverley and later the Docklands. They see the crowds that the AFL gets and dream of it happening in the NRL. Play all the games at venues such as ANZ and the SFS and the fans will turn up in record numbers seems to be the theory. But the reality is that its never going to happen and we're often stuck watching games played at an 83,500 seat stadium with less than 15k in attendance.

From what I saw on television on Sunday, the atmosphere was great and (for better or worse) the crowd was involved in the game. That is something that gets lost when there are 70,000+ empty seats. And its that atmosphere that makes fans want to go back to the games. I've never been to ANZ but I have been to Adelaide's major stadiums (Adelaide Oval and Football Park, both 50,000+ capacity venues) for games and when they are almost empty and you may as well have stayed home and watched it on television for all the enjoyment you get out of the "being there" experience (not counting whether your team wins or loses of course).
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Manly Tragic

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Jan 28, 2016
What is wrong with these people are they bling and stupid. Full smaller suburban stadiums is what the EPL thrive on. The NRL business plan is flawed and lacks vision and recognition of the tribal DNA of NRL supporters. The commission has stuffed the game and look like killing the game off with this perverse perception of what our game is about. If you put lip stick on a pig it's still a pig!


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Jul 30, 2017
What is wrong with these people are they bling and stupid. Full smaller suburban stadiums is what the EPL thrive on.
You can add the NHL and NBA to this list. The NRL is trying to be the NFL even though they don't realise the huge population difference and the fact that the NFL is basically a religion in some parts.

Make people who tune in feel like they'd be missing out on something if they tuned out. If someone who doesn't know rugby league turned on the TV to see the Roosters vs the Cowboys in Sydney they would turn it straight over thinking it must be a lower tier game or something. Not to mention the atmosphere adds to the television experience which keeps the networks happy.

Aim for 20k stadiums packed with fans. When they are sold out constantly, raise the prices. There's teams in the above games that have sold out all their home games for seasons on end. Don't turn your back on the fans that show up to support their local team when the finals come around by moving their game to a rival's stadium.

The NRL should be modelling off the competitions around the world that are excelling at looking after their fans the NBA and Bundesliga are the two doing the best at the moment. It's no coincidence that these leagues are experiencing incredible growth and are poised for the future.

Harvies elbow

I'm a country member....... " Yes we remember "
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Apr 28, 2016
The big trouble is they don't listen even when told what fans want.
Rothfield interviewed Turdburger a couple of weeks ago and put to him that fans wanted the suburban grounds and the atmosphere it created for TV.
But the answer that he got was another well rehearsed mantra defending their position.
I doubt he even thought the question through.
And don't forget Dave Smith said all fans want is good Wi-Fi !!


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Feb 10, 2014
Stadium tenant hits out as Sports Minister confirms government won't pay for 'curtain'

Sarah Keoghan - SMH 31/12/2019

A key tenant of the Sydney Football Stadium would "not have supported" the venue's rebuild had they known a multi-mode LED "curtain" was not to be included in the final budget.

Acting Sports Minister Geoff Lee on Monday confirmed the NSW government would not foot the bill for the curtain, saying the revised $828 million price of the project was the "final cost".

Told of the government's position, Sydney FC chief executive Danny Townsend said the A-League football club would not have supported the stadium rebuild had the club known the two-mode function to accommodate smaller crowds would not be a feature of the new stadium in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

"Rebuilding a stadium of very similar size, with no different configuration would not have been something that we would have supported," he said. "We supported a project that had a two-mode system, that's what was sold to us, that's what got us really behind it and got us really excited about what our future home looked like."

During preliminary stages of stadium planning, tenants were told there would be funding for an LED curtain which would enable the top tier of the stadium to be closed off during events that attracted smaller crowds. The new stadium will hold 45,000 spectators, with Sydney FC games averaging about 15,000.

Link to full story (MSN): Stadium tenant hits out as Sports Minister confirms government won't pay for 'curtain'

The Who

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Jun 29, 2010
This simple statement is what thousands of us have been trying to tell you Gladys:
"Rebuilding a stadium of very similar size, with no different configuration would not have been something that we would have supported,"

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