St George Illawara are favourites????...... WTF?

Journey Man
Use the power Des, just like round 1

Melbourne are also underdogs this round - 2.5 start. We are 4.5
UFO Hunter
That is a joke! Are the bookies wanting to throw their money away this season?????

Im chucking 50 on the eags this arvo. No way am i letting those odds slip. Its a near certain haul!
First Grader
Have we had one game this season in which we have started favourite?

Keep underestimating us please and we can keep up the ambushes.
we where faves against sharkies,,,, yeah its amazing,,, but stop whinging and get on!!!! The Roosters are faves against raiders as well, so thats the teams coming first and second going in as underdogs!!! god what an amazing comp,,,, this is the salary cap at work,,,, excellent

Raiders specials for me this weekend ( those of you who know my punting skills should now chuck the house on the Roosters ) dont worry ill still through my traditional bet on who ever is playing the eagles, that way the dragons will be gone before they hit thr ground!
Winging it
Good work Pepsi.

One thing that is clear in the last 3 rounds has been the number of faves to fall over. Last season's reputations are still strong (and are also reflected in my poor tipping efforts). If there is one thing I learnt from reading Daniel's weekly preview is that past reputations is a sure way to the poor house. From now on I am backing teams that win and looking for player movements that may change the pattern of play. I am very comfortable with throwing a decent stack on the Eagles this week and am delighted to get the better odds. With Canberra the competition has been weak winning against the Knights, Bunnies and Saints but I figure winning form is good form.
Journey Man
as they say, you can only beat who is put up against you.

Im actually hoping that canberra win as we do and we can have a top of the table 2 unbeaten teams clash at brookie.

That should pull a big crowd
Team P W L PD Pts
24 20 4 306 42
24 18 6 209 38
24 17 7 272 36
24 16 8 119 34
24 15 9 247 32
24 15 9 201 32
24 14 10 130 30
24 14 10 63 30
24 13 11 -36 28
24 12 12 -100 26
24 9 15 -105 20
24 7 17 -192 16
24 6 18 -205 14
24 6 18 -290 14
24 6 18 -292 14
24 4 20 -327 10
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