Sri Lanka Cricket Team Forced to Contine NZ Tour


UFO Hunter
The ICC have ordered Sri Lanka to continue their tour of NZ even in the aftermath of the devistating Tsunamis which have so far seen 19 000 people dead in Sri Lanka alone.

The players want to return to their country but are being refused the oportunity due to the ICC claiming they have contractual rights to hold up to.

I think this is a disgusting display by the ICC. What are your thoughts. These poor people want to return and help rebuild their country. Let them go, they need to be with their families. :cry:


Journey Man
Im sure its not as simple as that but yeah i think its harsh for them.

Players can resign from tours for indidual reasons as seen before, maybe any of the team that are affected should so that - keeps the lawyers happy


UFO Hunter
Sorry. When an estimated 100 000+ people will die, Your country has been devastated, I harldy think continuing a tour is at the top of anyones list. Its a heartless act that these players want to go home but can't. This is a big personal reason, fluffy and with any compasion you will see te ICC should let them go.


UFO Hunter
"Cricket is not the thing in our minds right at the moment," he said yesterday.

Several Sri Lankan players were directly affected by the disaster, although none had immediate family killed.

Kuruppu has declined to name the players involved, but it is understood pace bowlers Nuwan Zoysa and Dilhara Fernando lost relatives, while the mothers of former captain Sanath Jayasuriya and legspinner Upul Chandana were injured when caught in floodwaters.


Journey Man
What i meant is that there are contracts between the ICC and other stakeholders that are legally binding - hence its not as easy as the ICC calling it off, they would need cooperation from all the stakeholders.

And i was saying those are personal reasons - ie think outside the square for once and see that those who are affected with lost relatives can go home as long as Sril lanka replace them albeit with lesser players.


Journey Man
Yep and thier way around it is to send a second rate side and let the players involved stay home albeit no quite the same, there is a way around it


Journey Man
Ummmm, no. The first string players eventually got jack of a few second string players being included at the expense of other more worthy candidates. So they forced a showdown. And lost - so much for the ICC honouring contracts. The ICC sat back with a bemused expression on its face and let them do it.

Poor old Tatanda Taibu is on a hiding to nothing. Pity because he could have become a very good player.


Journey Man
It appears your original post waas wrong Flipper or at least not fully right

All sri lankans have been offered the trip home

Kiwis have offered to call off or reschedule any other matches

Sri lankan cricket authorities made the call, NOT the ICC.

There will also be a benefit match added to the tour to raise funds.

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Yes Fluffy is correct on most parts.

The initial reports that the ICC have forced them and would impose a huge fine were not entirely true,there has been no contact at all between SLC and the ICC and the ICC have said that it is up to NZC and SLC to find the solution.

The Sri Lankan players had a meeting and the end result I think was that some wanted to go and some wanted to stay


Journey Man
Well at least it is up to the players, albeit under some pressure but they still can make the descision.


UFO Hunter
Thank god for that. But the article I read did state the tour was being forced to play on.


Reserve Grader
Maybe they should use the tour to raise money for food water shelter and medical supplies for the victims... it's just a thought

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