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Can anyone give me a run down on how these work exactly??

If you select say 5 legs does each leg's winnings carry over to the next leg... like an All up in horse racing??

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The odds for each individual leg are multiplied to get your final dividend. Virtually the same as an all up in racing.

If you have 5 legs paying $2.00 each than your final dividend for the multi will be $32.00.


Thanks Boys... might throw one on this weekend!!

I'll go have a look over a few events now.. anyone know of a good bet with a bit of value??


I'll sus it out for you mate- I'm in a weekly sports bet syndicate where most of the punters take multis each week- not too hard to win on if you know what you're doing.
Most punters in our group put a couple of $50 multis on and they usually pay round the $600- $1000 with a few safe bets thrown in. We usually just stick to the AFL, NRL and basketball(NBL) in season but it might be worth throwing a few soccer world cup games in on the mix.


so far i have:

Manly to win by 13+ ..... 13+ gives a bit of value
Bronc's to beat souths by 1 - 12
Bulldogs to beat Canberra by 1 - 12
Western Bulldogs to Beat Freo

It's my first go at it so we'll see what happens... i am quite knowledgable in league but am not in AFL and definately not Soccer or Basketball

Should we start up at Silvertails Multi every week or something??

Everyone throws in their "best Bet" or something like that... up to you whether you use them or not?


Might add to that First try to the warriors in the Warriors V Roosters match...

Warriors have scored first in 6 of their past 7 matches

Paying $2.30 at the moment


Another fairly smart bet would be Brett Stewart First or Last Try scorer.... he scores consistently and given the game is at Brooky and his record there you'd have to think he'll cross the line at some stage... hopefully it'll be first or last... Both bets will pay around $11


Alright.. just did my multi and decided just to load up on tomorrow nights game and back Manly home.... it's my first go so why not throw it on ya team!!

My Multi is:

Manly Win @ $1.70
Manly to win giving -2.5 @ $1.85
Manly First Tryscorer @ $2.25
Manly/Manly - Half/Full result @ $2.40
Manly to win 13+ @ $3.50

Also got $5 on Brett Stewart for First Tryscorer and $5 on Brett Stewart as Last Tryscorer both @ $9


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I would be very surprised if you get paid. Multiple bets are not accepted where the outcome of one part of the bet contributes to the outcome of another, also known as competitor dependency. Good luck if you get away with it.


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whos that with nutz?

last time I tried to bet twice in a multi on the same event I got told to take a walk.


well.... you are both correct :lol: :lol:

I sent the bet away with and then wrote the thread.. NO you can't bet on the same event twice.. sorry boys!!

My bad

I have a different multi now.. can't be F@#ked writing it down as it would most likely lose!!

Sorry again

P.S Fro - I have recieved nothing on those DVD's too.. looks like some prick prolly picked em up halfway!


sure did matey... because the mutli failed i threw $10 on First and $10 on last tryscorer for stewy @ $9

Put my $90 straight into the tab account and blew it on the neddies today :roll:


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I'll burna new set this week sometime Nutz and get em away, I'll let you know when Ive sent em


I'll burna new set this week sometime Nutz and get em away, I'll let you know when Ive sent em

oh ok too easy....

Sorry bout the stuff around.. you don't have to worry bout it if you don't want to

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