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Kim Jong Dan
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Monas is in a form slump but for the latter half of last year and a good part of this year he has been in great form and has gone a long way to winning us some of the games we have won.

This crap with him at the moment seems to be more relates to his manager than anything else and it is frustrating that people continue write him off and have a go at him.

I agree he may not be the Half to take us to a final or win us a premiership but he has given the club good service and I think he should be re-signed, whether it be as hooker, half or 5/8. I think his manager is asking too much but in all he is worth keeping in the team and the **** hanging should stop.

nuff said, I am going down stairs to buy a latte!
Good stuff, dan. What word was supposed to be here [censored]?

I get annoyed when people try to say he's the worst half in the comp. I had in the top 4 prior to the last 3 weeks. He will come back.

I don't think Orford is the Messiah either!
He is being made out to be the anticrhist at the moment and i dont like that!.
not bad. had a short black whilst I was waiting :D
BTW did you know wiliams is playing reserver grade and Ben Walker is playing half for souths?

Who do you want Ben Walker or Monas?

Look he isnt bad.

We all agree he isnt great but he is not ordinary. ordinary halves dont go as well as he does.

He is a GOOD half but not a GREAT half.
Daniel - we've trawled over this before.

McCrae is hardly going to sacrifice the player that will possibly be their half for the next decade to the wolves that is the Souths Season of 2005 is he?

Walker is their sacrificial lamb whilst Williams is tucked away in PL to prevent excessive scarring.
<span class='smallblacktext'>[ Edited Tue May 24 2005, 12:46PM ]</span>

Pure speculation matabele. You and I both know that is BS. He was not performing and Souths knew that. He has been dropped to get back on his game.

Back to the point.

How can you say Monas is a terrible or ordinary half.
A number of weeks ago we were all in agreeance that he was a GOOD half. We also agreed he wasnt GREAT and wouldnt be the one to snag us a premiership but how anyone can deny that he is a Good half is beyond me. How anyone can say that he is bad or in the bottom 4 shows that you havent been watching the same games as us. Are you sure you havent been watching the philidelphia eagles?
1. Brett Kimmorley
2. Brett Seymour
3. Craig Gower
4. Scott Prince
5. Matt Orford
6. Ben Walker
7. Andrew Johns
8. Michael Monaghan
9. Brent Sherwin
10. Lincoln Withers
11. Brett Finch
12. Stacey Jones
13. Johnathon Thurston
14. Matthew Head
15. Tim Smith

(no particular order)

Danners, please don't take this as an attack, because it's not meant that way. Just why I came to my conclussion. Please try and put 4 half backs above behind Monnas
Righto then. Current form, Gower is playing like a hack. Matthew Head's pretty good, but I'd go alright with a backline like that. Ben Walker, that's an obvious choice. Lastly also, Monaghan is better than Withers, who I think is a classy hooker who is benefiting alot from playing alongside the master Jason Smith.
Matabele, no mine is based on a statement by McRae, that is documented fact. Not speculation, yours is speculated because you dont believe the words outof mccreas voice.

Ryan also.

Dude are you high?

2. Brett Seymour?????

No way dude. He is by no means the number 2 halfback in the game. Lockyer is the man in the halves controlling the team for the broncos. Seymour is up there but no where near 2nd
In fact Ran, not trying to attack either but your entire list is skewed and ridiculous, if that were a painting it would be full of swirls (nuff said).

a more accurate list would look like this, on current form

1. Brett Kimmorley
2. Matt Orford
3. Johnathon Thurston
4. Brent Sherwin

eh i couldnt be bothered. But Monas would easily be in the top 10 on current form.
You would also need to put Andrew Johns near the bottom of the pile on current form

I swear you guys have been using too much liquid paper or something today

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