Souths.... WTF!

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UFO Hunter
Its one thing to be the owner of a football club, but to sit a player down and tell him what he should do with his life so your club doesn't breach the salary cap is a joke.

This is the exact reason why souths will never really get any class in their side. No one wants to work for DICKHEADS!

Rusty pushes Joe into God squad

SOUTH Sydney forward Joe Galuvao has been told by South Sydney owner Russell Crowe to swap the paddock for the pulpit and become a religious minister to free up money for Craig Wing.

Wing will announce a four-year deal with the Rabbitohs worth more than $1 million today, ending weeks of speculation over the Roosters hooker's future.

Wing's deal pushes Souths to its salary cap ceiling but the club is hoping to ease the strain by off-loading Galuvao, who is on more than $300,000 a season.

The NRL is monitoring Souths' salary cap because of the Wing deal.

Ball-playing forward Galuvao, signed to the end of 2008, is a devout churchgoer who is heavily involved with the Penrith Christian Life Centre.

Galuvao was told this week by Crowe and Souths co-owner Peter Holmes a Court that he had no future at the club.

"Russell suggested that he retire and go into the ministry," Galuvao's manager Allan Gainey said. "Joe was gobsmacked."

Galuvao is digging in and wants to remain at Souths until his contract ends at the end of 2008.

"The church is a big part of my life, being a Christian," Galuvao said.

"But being a minister is a bit far-fetched. They spoke about the realities of the club and where I stood. I have a contract here and, as for now, I'm here to stay."

Galuvao has battled injuries in recent times and will play Premier League this weekend for Souths' feeder club Norths.

Fullback David Peachey will meet Souths chief executive Shane Richard-son tomorrow to determine his future.

Asked if he would be disappointed if Souths did not re-sign him, Peachey said: "Yeah, I would. But Souths have given me a second chance to play in the NRL."

Wing claimed the Roosters could have signed him. "Here we are in June. I could have been signed before the season started," he said.

"It's very hard because I had so many good years at the Roosters."


UFO Hunter
They must be right on the cap limit. Which is a joke.

Having to ask a member of that group of nothings to retire so you can sign some players is a joke.


I am sure Galuvao will tell crowe where to stick his offer.

He is under contract for 2008 and no other team is going to pay $350k pa for a reserve grader so he has no option but to stay with souths next year.

Souths performancve against us last week was embarrassing. Their kicking game was crap and they had no attack.

On a dry day we would have beaten them by 20.


Guys, we carry on about the crap Jim Banaghan spews out, seriously this story is manager driven, you really need to hear both sides or the story before we start bagging Rusty.

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Nothing in it really, no different to us sitting someone down and telling them they are not required for next season. So what if he gave im a suggestion for a future career path, don't really see the harm in it

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Galuvao is being way overpaid. I'd ask him to leave too if he was on that kind of money and not performing.
True but he has a contract. He has to be paid if he turns up. Souths will have to pay or offload to someone else willing to pay!!!


First Grader
Unbelievable. It's Souths problem for taking him from another club for high dollars. He should stay or get paid out.


Journey Man
It says a lot about the lack of theological rigour in the Pentecostal denominations that a dumb footballer is considered as "passtor" material with bugger all training.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
It says a lot about the lack of theological rigour in the Pentecostal denominations that a dumb footballer is considered as \"passtor\" material with bugger all training.
I think it says more about Russell Crowe and his perception of Christian Pastors!!!!!!!! :stupid:


No I don't think that at all!
FFS you come out with generalisations that seem like you are fishing for a bite or 7... The same could be said for any denomination. Maybe the Catholic priests are over qualified to be paedophiles or Baptist Ministers are over qualified to have affairs and turn a blind eye to child molestation and wife beating that goes on in their congregations!
I go to a great pentecostal church where my pastor has been through bible college and had to pass your so-called "lack of theological rigour in the Pentecostal denominations"........ Every denomination has their good sides & bad sides!

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