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Souths v Cowboys

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Zep, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Zep

    Zep Active Member

    +8 /0
    pardon my french bu HOLY **** check out NRL.com and the game summary.... friggin incredible... i won't ruin the surprise
  2. Matabele

    Matabele Well-Known Member

    +516 /14
    How about the botched Cowboy field goal!
  3. Zep

    Zep Active Member

    +8 /0
    rly? i am watching the wallabies atm will check out the mini-cap on foxsports new latter
  4. eagle_predator

    eagle_predator Active Member

    +0 /0
    Another close win for the bunnies i thought the cowboys had it in the bag.
  5. The Gronk

    The Gronk Well-Known Member

    +37 /0
    The end of the game was just about the most ridiculous minute of football I have seen. 
  6. Kiwi Eagle

    Kiwi Eagle Moderator Staff Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +3,894 /65
    I was up watching the cricket, and when the 1st innings finished there, i was ready to throw in the towel with the Cows up 28-4 (That try Watts set up a special), but Souths scored just as I turned the TV downstairs off, and by the time i got upstairs and turned that TV on they were in again, so i stayed til the end

    The ending of the match was just bizarre. Souths spent 90secs about 10m out from the Cows line, with the scores at 28-28, and never looked like caring about a dropgoal. Then with time pretty much up on the clock, Cows get a scrum, and through a very smart move pick up a differential penalty. They kick it out, 2m from the line, race upfield, take the tap from 10m out, knock over the droppie, but it didn't count because you must take it from where it went out, and the next effort was charged down

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