Souths sack Cheerleaders

The Wheel
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I hope this is not a sign of things to come at Manly, apparently male fans are unsetteled by the cheer leaders at Souths games. Apart from Matabele is anyone here against the girls strutting their stuff at brookie?

I think Byso would have kittens if this is inforced at Manly :|

Cheerleaders unsettle Souths fans: Crowe

Cheerleaders have been scrapped by the South Sydney Rabbitohs because it made their fans, including male supporters, uncomfortable, club co-owner and actor Russell Crowe says.

The NRL team made the decision to scrap the pom-poms this season and replace them with a drumming band for their home matches.

Crowe has told News Ltd newspapers the decision was about trying to make the games a positive experience for the crowd.

"It (cheerleaders) makes women uncomfortable and it makes blokes who take their son to the football also uncomfortable," he told News Ltd.

"But we are thankful for the time and effort the girls put in and some of them probably will be disappointed."

Crowe said he had a positive reaction from fans, particularly women and his own wife Danielle Spencer when they heard the news.


Maybe they should just rock out with FOFOG- did any one see the South Park piss take of Russell Crowe on Monday- it was a repeat but still good for a laugh!


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Good luck to them, I'm sure the sound of drums will liven up that 5k crowd in a 80k stadium.


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That was gold Pete!! Right cancer, im gonna beat the crap out of you.

I see nothing wrong with cheerleaders.


That was gold Pete!! Right cancer, im gonna beat the crap out of you.

I see nothing wrong with cheerleaders.

and the Tug boat 'Tugger' (only Aussies would have got the Craig Coleman link) that shot himself in the head when Rusty started singing!


Obviously the 3 fans that souths have left are all gay.

No doubt they would like the drumming band especially those little drummer boys.

Next thing Crowe will have an American high school band playing at the games.

Thankfully we have Max and not crowe and Holmes a court owning us. The worst we have is monnas @$240 pa for 3 years. At least we can look at the cheerleaders and not monnas on the field.


Kim Jong Dan
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**** Byso were you sitting down when you read this, did you fall over, are you ok?

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