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anyone been following this Sounds Highly Suss...
No more of a mystery than why souths were re-admitted back into the competition.
A company that makes a mysterious performance enhansing pill for cars?

Wouldn't Newcastle be a more appropriate team to sponsor?
the plot thickens ...........
Haliburton. Now there is a dogy company if ever there was one. Anythign associated with cheny or Bush has got to be suspect.
The SMH has been doing good work attempting to tie down exactly what the product is that Firepower is flogging, what tests have been done to verify the claims, and exactly who (seems to be absolutely nobody) is buying it. Further - the government gravy train seems to have been overflowing for this mob and the question is what is the substance behind the claims and what revenue are they doing.

Call me a cynic but so far it makes the babies overboard affair look completely 'watertight' in comparison. This is not to say that I disparage Firepower in any way, it is just if answers don't come soon there will be some senior officials looking for new careers and sponsorship may instantly dry up once the gravy train gets removed.

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