Sort of good news for us *** Dogs Vs Broncos ****Spoilers *****(injuries, on reports, score)

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Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan
7 min: TRY Brisbane Broncos
Tonie Carroll barges over from close range off a Lockyer short pass. Lockyer converts.
Broncos 6-0

10 min: ON REPORT - A swinging arm from Willie Mason has Shane Perry in less than great shape. It was also a somewhat late tackle

13 min: INJURY - Asotasi forced into the dressing rooms with a knee injury.

22 min: INJURY - Willie Tonga headed for the sheds as well.

also The Bulldogs are missing Sonny Bill, Dallas McIlwain comes in for him.

23 min: NEWS INJURY - Nate Myles injured but he is forced to play on.Mason is also injured. He's had a head clash but can carry on.

26 min: NEWS INJURY UPDATE - Willie Tonga out for the night with a knee injury. Scans tomorrow for the rest of his season. Nate Myles has limped from the field too. The Dogs are down to one man on the bench.

34 min: TRY Brisbane Broncos
Berrigan runs across field from dummy half, escapes from some flimsy tackles and scores to the left of the posts. Parker converts.
Broncos 12-0


Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan
36 min: TRY Brisbane Broncos
The Broncos go back to back. Parker makes a break up the middle. Tate gets tackled, Lockyer races onto the ball to score under the posts. Parker converts. This is a vintage Pre-Origin Broncos performance.
Broncos 18-0


Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan
Half time in a less than exciting match. The Broncos are going well, but the Bulldogs are flatter than a crepe.

Canterbury Bulldogs: 0
Brisbane Broncos: 18
Tries: Shaun Berrigan, Tonie Carroll, Darren Lockyer
Goals: Darren Lockyer 1/1, Corey Parker 2/2


Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan
44 min: NO TRY - Bulldogs
McIlwain ruled to have bounced the ball in trying to ground it chasing his own kick. It looked like it could justifiably have been awarded as a benefit of the doubt try.

McIlwain injured his shoulder in the process of scoring.


Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan
55 min: TRY Brisbane Broncos
Hodges returns a kick, opens up the Bulldogs defence, draws Patten and passes to Berrigan who races 48 metres to score under the posts. Parker converts.
Broncos 24-0


Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan
66 min: VIDEO REF - For a Bulldogs try...

66 min: NO TRY - Utai forced into the corner post before he ground the ball.

69 min: El Masri trapped in the ingoal for a Broncos dropout.

74 min: VIDEO REF - For a Broncos try...

74 min: NO TRY - Broncos
Boyd ruled to have knocked on being tackled close to the line.

78 min: VIDEO REF - For a Bulldogs try...

78 min: NO TRY - Bulldogs
Andrew Ryan penalised for interfering with Justin Hodges chasing a kick.

80 min: TRY Brisbane Broncos
Thaiday breaks the Bulldogs defence and offloads to Tate who races away to score under the posts. Lockyer adds the extras.
Broncos 30-0

Fulltime, and the Broncos claim an astounding 30-0 victory over the previously in form Bulldogs.

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Asostasi - possibly gone for the year.
Tonga - doubt for the rest of the season
Myles - Doubt for the rest of the season.
Willie Mason - on report but there was nothing in it.

A lot of bumps and bruises and very littel to play for, though technically Manly could take their place in 2nd with three big wins and if they lost the lot - It aint gonna happen.

However - it is going to be tough for the Dogs.


Reserve Grader
What a shame for the Bulldogs !!
(tears of joy)

Whatever happens they can't lose 2nd position on the table , but it certainly gives Manly a great opportunity to grab a victory next Friday & a top 4 spot.


Winging it
Nice to see the dogs in trouble ahead of our clash, but no way was last night good news for us. Thanks to a pathetic display the Broncos picked up 30 pts in f/a, something that may be incredibly dangerous for us. I would rather the dogs won.


Journey Man
we are a very outside chance of making 2nd now , but we would have to win all 3 remaining, plus pick up a lot of f/a - if we can put 30+ on them next week it will be interesting.

I still would have prefered the dogs won, im just hoping they play like that next week

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