SOO INJURY CURSE STRIKES. Tom probably out for season. Is Manly’s NRL season toast?


This could be a career defining moment for many of our players and coach. Do we hang our heads like a bunch of losers or dig deep and make the best of what we have?
I don’t expect us to win every game but there should be no excuse for not giving everything we have for the next 3 months.
Over to you Seibold.


The reason turbo did his peck is because his is to slow with
his new running hammigate style and Reece got to his outside shoulder


Guess it’s upto cherry evans to keep us from the wooden spoon pretty much all by himself … yet again…

Always staggers me how much hate he gets, especially on here, when he’s played almost every game of every season for going on 13 seasons and busts his guts (usually trying too hard) every.. single… game
Absolutely spot on, I couldn't agree with you more.


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It's now crunch time for Seibold. Turbo is gone for the season. No 'holding on' till the golden goose returns. This is where the coach earns his money. Who does he play and where?
I will beat my drum again and bring up Des. In 2019 without turbo he got the 'supporting' cast to a semi final with players like Brendan Elliott, Parker, suli, Corey wadell and Jack go jetski. Hardly an A list cast.
Last year before rainbow gate we were winning matches without Tom and were on the up.

What does Seibold do now? Prove his worth or prove his critics right.
We either rise to the challenge or fold.
We will see our players true colours over the coming few months.


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Forget origin.

And Forget Manly for just a minute.

Think of how Turbo is feeling right now.

He's worked his guts out to get back on the paddock.

He would be shattered.
Of course he's shattered - and so are we. The difference is he's getting paid a mint injured or not, whilst we're paying a mint to support him for half a season if that.
It doesn't help that it was his choice to play origin, not ours.


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IMO, we need to be prepared to call out Turbo as a supporter group. It’s not good enough that he was allowed and encouraged to chase SOO glory this year, given his injury history, his form over the 2023 season, and the precarious position our team has been in over 2023. It’s just not good enough. I do not want my club paying that type of money to a player who is proven injury prone season after season, and seems to get extra motivated to play SOO, but not the same motivation to play for the club that pays for him to be here. Love the guy as a human being, but this is getting ridiculous.

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Harsh on Turbo, plays the game to the best he can and has done the hard yards in the off season.

Going against the grain and getting behind young Weekes to come good and string a few games together at the back, has the ability and now there is a spot to nail down.


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Very, very frustrating for Manly fans but seriously we can't blame the poor man for getting injured. Not like he plans it.
It's certainly an intense game to watch but jeez I hate Origin for this reason.
Gone for the season maybe?
Kinda can. Running down the Corso blind drunk with a cold start, then lying about it.

Yeah, we can.

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