Sometimes I shake my head.

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I see the latest edict from on high is that links to this site, and other Manly sites, cannot be placed in the club's official forums.

Maybe it's just me, but my reading is that most corporations would embrace collections of volunteers willing to give up copious man hours for the betterment of the club.

Maybe it's been too long since I graduated, but basic Economics tells me that a site like this contributes, potentially, a six figure amount to an entity like Manly on an annual basis.

Then there's the small matter of several beneficial deals and submissions put to the club by members of silvertails, and sites like it, that have further potential to contribute a significant revenue stream to the club, possibly in the realm of another six figure amount, providing the people involved don't become so disenfranchised and sour that they give up.

One wonders what exactly is gained by the heavy handed dismissal of unofficial supporter groups? One wonders what can be achieved by treating the most committed of the club's supporter base with such obvious contempt?

I wonder if this is the Board or the management? And if it's the latter, I wonder what the board would make of it (let alone the fourth estate)?

A salutory tale - the Rabbitohs tried to beat "the Burrow" with a heavy stick and created a monster beyond their control. One wonders if anyone learns the lessons of history anymore?

Finally, I wonder what would happen if all silvertail, manly gang and Rocker associates, en masse, informed the club that they would not be renewing their club memberships next year because of the contempt shown them by the club? I wonder if things would change?

Is there anyone in an official capacity at the club with sufficient testosterone to venture over to the three unofficial forums mentioned and debate the latest decision?

Canteen Worker

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Mata - interesting post. It all seems a bit silly. I would have thought that most Manly supporters are like me in that they trawl around all the Manly sites to get as much news, opinion, and information as they can. It was the interest and friendships developed through contacts predominantly from this site that had me go to about five more games 2005, got me thinking about joining as a member (with a few others), going to the fan day and attending the BBQ. I didn't know one person on this or any Manly site before AE was set up and met at games as a result. In general this site has complemented the others quite nicely and over time it has developed a unique style. Seems to be the case at Manly Gang which is also doing so very effectively. The Rockers site is good, but it seems my association with ST has precluded being able to join.

Of course I visited MSE and still do - it will always be the OFFICIAL SITE but there seems some paranoia about the site and what is being said that is going overboard. It's no big deal and won't bother me if mention is banned but what concerns me is the thinking within the club that it reveals.

Is the club trying to stifle other Manly sites and opinions apart from the offical site and forum, are there conflicting aims and what is the threat of small sites with a few keen supporters who are enthusiastic lovers of Manly?

With the spectacular snail-like pace of the membership drive it would seem silly to include new forum rules such as the one about other sites, though it is iikely to make a very small group of MSE regulars happy!!

From my side of things the Rockers, this site and even the Manly Gang are not in opposition to MSE, noone is trying to make money out of them but wish to express their support for the club in many and varied ways. Life will go on but it seems puzzling and small-minded in the extreme.


Journey Man
If they think they can stifle opinion it shows that too many of them are still firmly entrenched in the 1970s.

Good luck to them in the internet age.

They might as well fart into the fury of Hurricane Katrina in the hopes that it will be blown off-course.


Just have a look at all the crap posts being put on MSE now.

I cannot understand why they have not banned certain people form the site already and try and clean it up so that it has some half intelligent comments on it.


You are not missing anything.

It is going to be along offseason if this is typical of the crap that they are allowing to be posted on the site.


Reserve Grader
Well for starters they probably don't like having crap rammed down their throat all the time. Guys, and this is all of you, why constantly go over there and spruke up ST? Why? You know it will cause trouble. Me thinks that is what you want though. The constant crap about how you all could have done better is old, you burnt the bridge, you pay the price.

On another side. Why would MSE want you putting the ST address in your sigs or posts. The more people that visit the site and not here the better it is for their sponsors.

I totally agree that there is a ton of crap posted over there, but hey it's THEIR website. You have control of this one. I enjoy this site much more than over there and read here several times a day but the way some of you carry on sometimes towards the club is childish. It's as though you were picked on in the playground and you want revenge.

Come on guys, you have a great site here that everyone enjoys, let's stop the petty stuff and concertrate on the good stuff.



Reserve Grader
umm Dan and Byso yesterday. Look by no means am I trying to put sh1t on you all. Just thinking for the benifit of ST :;


Journey Man
nah, 'tis alright. We can handle criticism - I hadn't realised Dan and Byso were advertising or anything.

Even if they were, the edict effects more than ST - it applies to the other two mobs as well.

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Maddog makes a good point about people spruiking their sites on ST. When it is blatant it seems silly and the comment is fair enough. However it has never seemed a problem and my question as to what is behing the mindset stands.

Also a good point about sponsorship. Great idea to have commercial sponsors on the website/forums etc I am fully in support of this if it helps the club. Ultimately that is the motive for involvement with this and other forums - support and follow the club.

What amazes me is that most of the things referred to on peoples sigs are Rockers, Manly Gang, Silvertails and a few other Manly sites. Unless I am mistaken none are commercial entities, none make money or have the potential to take away money from the club. Most are bulletin boards.blogs.forums which allow people to put opinions.

I understand the club wanting to be independent from other places as these sites do not necessarily (and often don't) reflect the opinions of the club.

Fair enough comments Maddog and what may be childish so I will try and get over and get on with life!!!!!


Premium Member
Is there anyone in an official capacity at the club with sufficient testosterone to venture over to the three unofficial forums mentioned and debate the latest decision?

Pat Wilson?
I don't know Aaron personally and this is only conjecture but as a lot of you were once members of his OEE site prior to forming AE (and tendered for the new site setup) perhaps he views you as competitors. You would not find a link to Jetstar on a Virgin site, If you had a site would you want to advertise an "alternate" site that people might actually prefer to your own site. As I say I could be wrong here but just a thought


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Maddaog I get you're point


Dan and I only mentioned Silvertails in a thread were a chap started sprouting his own website FIRST.

And the reason I did that is because I knew that there was to be know site advertising on MSE but I wasn't gunna allow another site to get away with it. So as far as I see it every time another site is mentioned I will mention ST. If nothing else there should be a level playing ground.

UP I also get you're point.
But our point is that we feel that ST is adding value to the club, we had a membership drive early in 2005 and we could suggest that many people would have joined because of this. Who knows if all will rejoin next year, if they know that there time isn't appreciated.

This site is "different" to MSE they don't have to like ST. There narrow mindedness to other sites devoting time to push there brand is a joke.


First Grader

It's a joke but it wont stop these sites at all. People will want an "alternative" to MSE. It's a no brainer just look at that site. Its not a place to keep the fans together. They should be happy that there are other sites that offer that void in MSE, because it's obvious the MSE forum isn't for the Fans.

They treat fans with contempt. They want our money but not the hassles that go with it.

If you are a member you have a right to voice you're opinion and support the club. There not concerned with this they just want our money but nothing else. Simple.
I agree with you Byso and I prefer this site to both MSE and OEE as it I find it a happy medium it allows you to be critical of management and players (hopefully with some valid points to back you up) but also stops (to an extent) the aholes who attack you for having an opinion. My point was more along the lines that the new rule might be a Mackie rule rather than a Manly rule.


Journey Man
Maarkie is a "designer".

I doubt he has the clout to set policy with regard to the web-site. I understand there's a troika of dinasours for that task.


Kim Jong Dan
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lol get over it...who gives a ****. it is a website!


Journey Man
[quote author=Matabele]

Is there anyone in an official capacity at the club with sufficient testosterone to venture over to the three unofficial forums mentioned and debate the latest decision?

Pat Wilson?

[/quote]I just knew Corso Pete wouldn't be able to resist this thread.

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