Something i posted on MSE interesting stats

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Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
Average Points Conceded per game
2006 15 rounds 19.33 per game
2005 26.4 per game
2004 31.6 per game
2003 32.95 per game

We have the defence to win the comp thats clear
Look at our loses
27-14 to Canberra
20 - 16 Cowboys
26-24 Saints
24-18 tigers
32 - 10 brisbane
15- 12 sharks
16 - 10 brisbane

only 2 of those have been 13+ losses and despite losing 2 of our last 3 games we are averageing 14.33 points a game against and have only conceded 7 trys in 3 games amazing when u think we lost two of themt.

Unlike seasons past i'd be watching manly defend inside their own 20 and be thinking we'll let in a try for sure, now for the first time since the mid 90s i dont even feel nervous when we are defending inside our own 20, we have this abilty to struggle and hold out back to back sets of six. I think in one game it may have been against nz we held out for 26 tackles inside our red zone.

The players and coaching staff should be really pleased with their efforts fixing our defence but the job is only half done now we need to sort out our ball control and our attack if we can i think we can still win this comp.
Yep, defence has improved, but the season isn't over and Dessie hasn't had the chance to out do his previous 2 years records ;)

How about the points scored averages?
gees some of u blokes on here with ure personal vendettas gets a bit boring

maybe we could have a sticky so we can check and know what post are real opinions and what are driven by vendettas

Byso - Orford and Hasler - pushes monas barrow
Mata - King, Monas pushes ballins barrow
I had similar thoughts yesterday watching the game. Two years ago sides would score most times they had a repeat set in our 20. That is not the case this year.

And the majority of our losses have been by very small margins.
And we have handed out some fearful floggings to sides ahead of us on the table:


and given the Warriors' recent form, getting a win against them on the road is a fair achievement too.
Those stats confirm my thoughts too Cliffy. The time when I became more confident this year was when i realised Des has been able to turn around our defence. Also, the overall commitment of the team.

So I say you right about both points you raise in this thread. Some people on these forums cant help themselves but bitch & moan. Considering this particular forum can be a bit insular it can get a tad repetitive and boring.
Compare our attack this year to that of 2 years ago when Walker was the 5/8. Mind you we used to have to score 40 to be a chance to win as we generally conceded 36!!!
Our defence in our 20 is great, however the other 80m is very average imo, teams make easy metres, hence why we are getting attacked so often, we really need to toughen up and get some line speed
I agree, our defence on our line is good. However why does it happen so often? I tend to think that our kicking game is poor, so the opposition begins their sets further up field and hense, we're always coming of our line. What to do? easy, kick the ball further and chase. simple really.

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Team P W L PD Pts
6 5 1 59 12
6 5 1 20 12
6 4 2 53 10
6 4 2 30 10
7 4 2 25 9
7 4 3 40 8
7 4 3 24 8
7 4 3 -8 8
7 4 3 -18 8
7 3 3 20 7
7 3 4 31 6
7 3 4 17 6
6 2 4 -31 6
7 3 4 -41 6
7 2 5 -29 4
6 1 5 -102 4
6 0 6 -90 2
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