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Just looking through the metres gained of our forwards

Watmough 158
Bryant 147
Cuthbertson 135
Afamasaga 127
Hall 109
G. Stewart 100
Kite 89

Is awesome that aside from Watmough, at the start of the season you wouldn't be expecting the 5 blokes behind him to have such a big impact that they are all making 100m.

Also 11 line breaks, Brett Stewart got 3, and we had 8 other players who all got 1 also.

Has been a while since we had the combination of players who can make the large metres up the middle and the potency to break the line also. Good times ahead


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Watmough best on park. He's really hitting the holes and carrying players through. Real BK stuff. Not a bad player for us last night. Pity about those last two tries though.

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I take it Kite was just being rest for that second half and wasn't injured?
That is true. Des was giving Afamasaga, Cuthbo and Bryant extra game time. Worth noting that at one stage Bryant, jack, Cuthbo and Hall were all on at the same time. We did give up a few metres during this stage but when was the last time a team had 4 Props on at the same time. No Willo or Kite and we looked a lot less mobile in defence.


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[quote author=Fluffy]
jack is a backrower

If Jack is a back rower then i'm an african american.

His back row days are well behind him now.

Jack was told to put some muscle and weight on or else he was destined for being the highest paid PL player in the country. He will be a used more as a prop next year and used as a 2nd rower against packs that are bigger - the club reckons he's great in defense against the SBW of the world. Got to admit I would like to see him do that, as yet he hasn't been given the opportunity to really show it.

Reckon he turned the corner on his injuries, good luck to the kid!Hope the best is yet to be seen!

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Yeah hope he gets a decent run. he runs some very good angles on to the ball, he and Watmough could create havoc in the near future running off short balls

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