So we have signed a new forward

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According to another post we have signed Glenn Hall

Has always have the big wraps from the main reviewers, but hasnt delivered much, a lot like Rose before we got him

Not a huge signing, but at least it is a start. Hopefully he can develop with us like Rose has and will put some pressure on

Will be playing in the PL gf this week for Newtown i beleive
ha- that's the first time I saw Rose play last year- playing for the Rossters in the Premier League Grand Final
We have also signed Jack Afamasaga (Parra) who is a backrower......pretty good prospect too
We need to sign more players who's surnames we can spell and say.....otherwise supporting footy will just be too hard after a few cans!
This rumour has been posted on LU.


Paul Gallen Manly Sea Eagles in 2007!!
Mark O Meley Manly Sea Eagles in 2008!!
Shayne Dunley and Luke Williamson - Both released in 2007
Travis Burns and Michael Robertson Both released in 2008
Travis Burns Cronulla Sharks in 2008

The last two really shocked me tbh. I really hope the bottam two aren't true!

Still only rumours at this stage. And I know you'll say, Cronulla has said they won't release Gallen, but "apparently", they will!

We'll have to wait and see what happens. Will be interesting to see how close I was ;)
Hall played Premier League all year with Newtown. Never played first grade as far as I know.

Last year he played Premier League with Souths.

Hopefull he's not another professional Premier League player. We've got plenty of them already.

Jack Afamasaga played for the Eels Premier League for the first nine rounds or so this year, then was never seen again. Assume he sustained a serious injury.

There's another Afasamaga playing for the Bulldogs Flegg side. Presumably younger brother. Pretty uncommon name.
I heard the same about 2 weeks back apart from the o;meley one
Afasamaga, Afamasaga...whatever.

Hope you're right tookey about Gallen, O'Meley and Dunley.

Too good to be true!
Hall has played 1st grade at the Dogs and Souths, was highly rated as a prospect when at the Dogs

Afamasaga played for the Eels back in 2003 or 4. Was being talked up highly as a ball playing 2nd rower, had some power, but then wasnt really seen again, seemed to go ok in his few games though
The Gallen rumour could be on the money as the Sharks are strapped for cash

They only signed Ricky because they could get rid of Raper and just cross out his surname without having to get new business cards, stationary & ****.

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