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Around the games
By Steve Mascord
July 30, 2005

Manly v North Queensland

Venue: Brookvale Oval

Time: Tomorrow 2.35pm

Daniel Heckenberg, Scott Donald and Michael Witt are playing premier league today, strongly suggesting they will not be part of Manly coach Des Hasler's first-grade side. Steve Menzies is tipped to be the Sea Eagles pivot, with Paul Stephenson added to the centres and Ashley Alberts on the wing. Cowboys prop Paul Rauhihi (corked thigh) is out, with Matthew Scott, David Myles and rookie Scott Bolton travelling to Sydney yesterday in his place.

Is Des playing ducks and drakes. I could not imagine Beaver playing 5/8 or Alberts on the wing. I sense a smokescreen here!!!!!!
Very odd. I hope he's playing games, Stephenson and Tutt, that can't be right, it is nice to see players can be dropped though.
Ive seen enough of Stephenson to know hes absolute crap.

Give Taylor or Peachey a go for crying out loud.
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if this is true I can only think Steppa is being brought in due to his size, the cowboys centres are quite big.

but we all know how Steppa defends :doh:
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I think its all crap. All three were named in the squad on thursday, if they were gonna be dropped they would have been dropped before that. Just another media story. They'll all be there tomorrow
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Was just speaking to someone in the know. PL play at Penrith today and only have 15 players named in the squad. You will know what is going on by what extra players turn up to play there.

Early game tomorrow is Flegg game against the Rip!!!
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It would be a rort putting Alberts on the wing. He would get no ball, and be extremely wasted.

Why put our best performing centre out of position.

You would think Willo would play 5/8 not Beaver.
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Maybe Steppa will play wing in a type of Hoppa role.

Dummy half runs and the like. He isn't really that slow, come to think of it his style of play fits a wingers mould a bit.

If only he had a couple of extra yards in pace.

Travis Burns didn't play PL today apparently, maybe he has been picked at 5/8?

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