Slurry Paris back to jail.

First Grader
'Hysterical' Paris back in jail

A LOS ANGELES judge has ordered a screaming and crying Paris Hilton back to jail to finish a sentence for probation violation, overturning a decision by the LA Sheriff's Department to have the celebrity heiress serve the sentence at home for medical reasons.
Screaming "Mom, Mom, it's not right," a dishevelled Hilton was taken away from the courtroom by sherriff's deputies after a hearing called by Los Angeles city prosecutors demanding that she be returned to jail to serve out the remainder of her sentence.

Hilton appeared in court looking ungroomed, with hair out of place, no makeup and wearing a grey sweat shirt, AP reported.

She looked distraught throughout the court proceeding, crying and shaking constantly.

Celebrity website reported that Hilton will now be checked back into Twin Towers Correctional Facility, where she will probably spend the weekend in a medical facility while her lawyer files an appeal.

Earlier in the day, there were wild scenes and a media circus as the infamous socialite was taken handcuffed from her home.

AP reported that the heiress was transported from her mansion in a police car while the papaparazzi crushed around the car, and media helicopters flew overhead.

Hilton, 26, had been transferred from jail to house arrest on Thursday for unspecified medical reasons after serving only three days of her 23-day sentence.

Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer ordered that the 26-year-old heiress to the Hilton hotel fortune had to serve out her sentence imposed for driving on a suspended license in the Los Angeles women's prison and not under house arrest.

She was given a jail term after being caught driving her Bentley without a valid licence, a violation of her probation for a prior drunken-driving offense.

Thursday's decision to let her serve the sentence at home because of a medical complaint caused national outrage and accusations of favorable treatment.

- with Reuters and AFP
With all the coverage this gets you can sometimes forget that all she did was drive with a suspended licence.

She needs to toughen up.. it's only 23 days or some crap... geez, i'd love 23 days off :|
UFO Hunter
People like here think they can buy their way out of anything.

So even if it is just driving on a suspended license, it'll be a bloody good lesson.
Journey Man
It was her third driving offense in a limited time. Bugger her, i'd double her sentence for misleading the judicial system.
Staff member
God i am sick of hearing about this rubbish non stop

tbh i couldnt really give a **** what happens to her, the media built her up as some big star for doing stuff all and the results of it all now is non stop updates and a media circus over this trivial little issue.

End of Rant
Journey Man
I agree KE. Though I must admit I enjoy seeing the pampered little princess getting her come uppance.
Journey Man
Heard a great one on the radio.

To finish her punishment she should be thrown into the big brother house.

It would be easy to tell which one she was too, the most intelligent
UFO Hunter
I heard one the other day too fluffy.

Apparently Paris was released because she had a rash.

Wouldn't you be worried if paris didn't have a rash?
Journey Man
Interesting little piece in today's Herald.

Hilton is despised by the over 30s.

And a hero to the under 30s!!!

Methinks that is something of a broad generalisation. Not EVERYONE under 30 could be that stupid could they?
First Grader
I am so over this dame. Best thing would be to give her no publicity and no attention.

Silvertails is declared a Paris Free Zone!!!! :lol:
Staff member
Interesting little piece in today's Herald.

Hilton is despised by the over 30s.

And a hero to the under 30s!!!

Methinks that is something of a broad generalisation. Not EVERYONE under 30 could be that stupid could they?

Am well under 30 and couldn't care less about her tbh. Watched a bit of the TV show and had a giggle, but that is as far as it went.

Think the reason you will find her as the hero was the ram it down our throat media coverage she received, which teenage girls lap up non stop. And with the current rebellion culture developing fast, when the 1st slipup came from her she got lifted higher up in their eyes. And as for the guys, she was considered hot, never seen the attraction myself
I think it's mainly American girls that are in awe of her.. I know plenty of girls (all under 30) that thinks she is just a media beat up.

She's not even that good looking. I mean ya'd go it but there's plenty you'd rather before her.

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