Sione Faumuinaaa again

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Journey Man
Manly - pick him up, like we have done with Bani from QLD, and cutlurise him. He said he'd pick "something" up in the NRL again.

Sunday December 10, 2006

Sione Faumuina's rugby league career is once again in doubt after he walked out on UK Super League club London Harlequins last week.

The 25-year-old had his Warriors contract terminated in August after repeated breaches of club discipline and his three-year deal with Harlequins was touted as a new start.

He missed three training sessions with the club and then flew home to Auckland, citing family reasons.

Harlequins director of coaching Tony Rea told the Herald on Sunday there was no chance they would take Faumuina back but they had accepted his reasons for leaving.

"We knew why he wasn't at training but we weren't told by him that he wouldn't be coming back," Rea said. "We were told by a couple of his team-mates.

"We are disappointed to lose him because he was training really well but we had to accept his story. He said he would pick something up back over [in the NRL].

"It was a pretty bad day for us because we also lost Solomon Haumono the same day [when he announced his retirement from rugby league to resume boxing]."

Faumuina has had a chequered career since making his NRL debut for Canberra in 2001 and, although undoubtedly a talented player, NRL clubs could be wary of taking him.

He found himself in hot water after he drunkenly abused Warriors coach Ivan Cleary, Kiwis coach Brian McClennan and Warriors prop Ruben Wiki at Awen Guttenbeil's testimonial luncheon this year.

He was fined $5000 and reprimanded for that outburst but followed it up less than four weeks later with another expletive-laden tirade in front of fans following the Warriors' end-of-season win over the Roosters.

Faumuina's agent Peter Brown declined to comment on what had happened or Faumuina's prospects of picking up a new contract until he had spoken to the player.

* The Auckland Lions expect to make their debut in next year's NSW Premier League in the curtainraiser to the Warriors' opening game of the NRL season on March 17.

The Lions received the backing of the NZRL board on Friday and expect to be given the green light by the NSWRL board this week.

Lions chairman Tony Sadgrove said they had already been pencilled into next year's draw.

Sadgrove said they would draw the best players from the Bartercard Cup, including their own three-time champion side, and also take Warriors not needed for NRL duty.

"We've felt there's been a gap in the system ever since the NRL scrapped the reserve grade in 1997," Sadgrove said. "We're really happy with what has happened."

It will also come as a major boost to the Warriors and, with an under-20 NRL competition likely to be introduced in 2008, will help develop depth at the club.

"If it all goes ahead, it will be really exciting for us," Warriors chief executive Wayne Scurrah said. "It gives an opportunity for our non-playing NRL players to compete at a good level and to have what will essentially be an Auckland rep team playing Australian teams in curtainraisers each week would be great."

Brian McClennan will not coach the side but will be the director of coaching. It will cost close to $1 million to fund the team but there's a hope it will become profitable.

Just Imagine:-

01. Brett Stewart
02. Steve Matai
03. Jamie Lyon
04. Steven Bell
05. Chris Hicks
06. Travis Burns
07. Matt Orford
08. Jason King
09. Michael Monaghan
10. Brent Kite
11. Anthony Watmough
12. Steve Menzies
13. Sione Faumuina

14. Shayne Dunley
15. Mark Bryant
16. Geroge Rose
17. Jack Afamasanga

Impact / Aggression and power right accross the park.


First Grader
Offer the guy an incentive based contract, can't lose and he may be very good for us. Lock is a problem.


First Grader
Dont know, hopefully some of our juniors/younger players will step up. We dont want to sign him then piss them off so they leave, only for Sione to have more personal problems and fark us around. Im thinking no at the moment.

Kiwi Eagle

Staff member
Walked out of his 1st contract with canberra citing homesickness. Comes home and abuses the coach and it basically told to go. Goes to England and walks out again.

Has a bit of Ashley Alberts written all over him.

But he is a talented player. Will sit on the fence with this one i think, not disappointed either way


Journey Man
Now that The Gold Coast haven't retained Frank Pulatua, I bet Sione will be riding the waves at Moolloollaba next year !

I'd love to know how The Gold Coast can fit:-

1 - Steve Turner
2 - Brian Carney
3 - Jake Webster
4 - Luke O'Dwyer
5 - Matt Petersen
6 - Preston Campbell
7 - Scott Prince (c)
8 - Luke Bailey (c)
9 - Nathan Friend
10 - James Stosic
11 - Anthony Laffranchi
12 - Mark Minichiello
13 - Kris Kahler
14 - Brad Meyers
15 - Michael Henderson
16 - Luke Swain
17 - Matt Hilder

Players excluded: Richie Mathers, Brett Delaney, Josh Graham, Gavin Cooper, Lelea Paea, Clint Amos, Daniel Conn, Michael Hodgson, Chris Walker & Matt Rogers

Then I hear they want Lotti Tuquiri, and they just tried to buy That NZ winger union guy who has had a transplant.

If only Manly had the bargaining powers The Gold Coast do !!!


And they'll STILL fail, and good on them.

Chip and Chase

True Supporter
Staff member
Premium Member
Tipping Member
Sounds like he has some issues to work out. I don't think we need another village idiot, especially one who doesn't know how to use cutlery.

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
The problem here is that the skill sets this guy has perfectly fits the bill for us. Youngish, energetic backrower with plenty of ball skills skills including offloads, and is versatile enough to be very valuable to the makeup of our side.

But thats the enticing part. The down side is that its obvious this guy has issues that dont appear to be going away. No matter how talented a footballer he is, a bad attitude wont compensate. Manly dont need the equivalent of one of those girlfriend types that are nothing but a prima donna who's hard work.

Where it drives me to say No has more to do with the potential for disruption to our side. I can just see some of our up & coming individuals adversely influenced by the negativity of a loose cannon. Our teams need nurturing & to be focused on footy. Not trouble makers who cant appreciate the opportunity right in front of them. If that were to be the case, then multiply the ill disciplined penalty count we receive by double.


Journey Man
I notice Huomono has also been released. Why don't we get him back to join up with Faumuina - we could have the fattest, laziest Polynesian second row that God ever put breath into!

The Wheel
Premium Member
Throw Billy Weepu into that front row and we could have a scrum that would be able to push the all blacks off the ball.

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