Singh the latest chucka


Journey Man
Singh has been sited for chucking in the test against Bangladesh.

I put this to people if his arm flex's 16 degrees (only one more than murali) will they or should they change the rules for him since he has more than 200 test wickets.


Journey Man
How is an umpires supposed to tell whether it's 14 degrees of 16 degrees with the naked eye? :roll:


Journey Man
They dont anymore. There is no No-balls for chucking.

There report the bowler who then has to undergo tests. The bowler is able to continue playing until proven guilty.

I dont like the testing as when i saw murali chucka he wasnt spinning it anywhere near what he does on the pitch and definatly altered his action. I mean it would be hard not to since he would be so self concious of it.

Basically once you get cleared you can bowl the occasional ball in the same style but with more zip by bending more and CANNOT be called for chucking. If you smart you will so it once every couple of overs.


Journey Man
Those tests are a sham. How can you test for a tired bowler who has bowled 20 overs in a day in 38 degreee Chennai heat in a pressure situation?

Bowling 15 deliveries in the air conditioning in Perth is hardly match conditions.


They showed a pretty good image during the England v South Africa Test. It showed Flintoff bowling in extra extra slow motion with a yellow line over his arm. Anyway it showed that Flintoff bends his arm, i can't remember the exact degrees, but he did bend and straighten it.


Journey Man
peter Roebuck has been "calling" Flintoff for chucking for ages. He says it is especially so when Flintoff gets tired. That's why a few token deliveries in a laboratory is not a good enough "test".


Journey Man
Exactly. This can be put to most of those called. The umps usually get it right - they were saying that when murili chucka got called this time that because he was cleared 5 years ago before he even bowled the ball that the unpire was wrong. Well now the rules have been changed to encompass murali chucka. Should the rules be changed again to let singh keep bowling if he is just a little bit over the 15 degrees, remembering murali chucka was more than double the allowed flex at the time.

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