Simpson Signs with Knights

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Simpson Signs

Friday, July 14, 2006 - Newcastle Knights

The Newcastle Knights are proud to announce Australian and New South Wales back rower, Steve Simpson, has agreed to terms for another four years.

A Singleton junior, the 27-year-old has taken another step towards playing out a one club career, set to wear the blue and red until at least the end of the 2010 season.

“Steve Simpson epitomises everything the club is about and is arguably one of the toughest players to ever pull on a Knights jersey,” said Knights Operations Manager, Stephen Crowe.

“His leadership and the strength he brings to our team is a huge asset and we’re extremely happy he’s decided his future is in Newcastle.”

Simpson made his First Grade debut in 1999 against Parramatta, he’s since played for Australia on six occasions. His representative career to date also includes nine State of Origin appearances and three caps for New South Wales Country.

“Simpson is one of the best local success stories this club has ever produced and his signature is a major boost for the Knights future,” said Knights CEO, Ken Conway.

“His retention was a major priority and I think we’re all breathing a collective sigh of relief over the deal being finalised.”

Where to now for Manly?? I suggest we all get down on our knees and beg for BK to give us another year!!
disastrous..our team minus bk plus lyon probably adds up to 5th to 8th again.there is absolutely nothing in PL other than toilers and now nothing on the open discredit at all to the club-chasing creagh and sinmpson was definitely the right move.

I think this will mean lyon to 5/8 as we need an x factor that gives our team something very different from this year.a weaker pack and 2 great centres won't do it.burns to hooker with monaghan/ballin/dunley-whichever of them steps up next year.i think burns moving into the pack is the reason for the latest round of shenanigans with MM and lyon has played 5/8 for 2 years and is the ESL man of steel.might have to be made of ****ing titanium for us to improve next year.


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There is still Nate Myles unsigned, but by the sounds of it we made a play at simpson and not Myles.

It has been suggested that perhaps Steve Matai could bulk up a wee bit and move to the pack. Does anyone think this would now become a serious option?? To tell you the truth I like the idea I think it has merit. In saying this I think Glenn Stewart should also be given a fair crack at the position - he deserves it.

PS - I think that SBW might be coming off contract with the dogs at the end of 2007!!!


Missing out on Creagh and Simpson should be a massive wake up call to our club.

We need to open our purse strings and stock our Pl and flegg teams with as much good talent as we can buy.

Guys like Simpson and Creagh were never going to come to us because of the local development/loyalty factor.

We have it in beaver who wouldn't leave us even thugh he was offered more money over the years by other clubs and now need to develop more talent like him.

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The future should be based around developing young talent and moving them through the grades, aided by judicious purchasing of key players.

We do have Crusher who is very good at spotting talent with good networks etc. Hard thing though is that every club is trying to do the same - and some clubs spend huge amounts locking up potential in the hope they may get some paydirt but also to stop others getting their mitts on them.


No doubt we are going to be weaker.. best thing i think is to bring up G. Stewart and just stick with him!!

A guy like BK is irreplacable so we just have to get on with it.. with the cattle we have!

I stated in a previous thread the same thing that Sue touched on.. i also think the reason mona's had an inkling to look around was that the idea may be to move Burns into the 9 or onto the bench but will primarily be playing hooker with Lyon is the 6

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We need some size in the backrow. Great players that they are, Beaver & Choc are two of the smallest backrowers going around. Replacing BK with G Stewart would only exacerbate the size problem. Simpson or Myles would have been great buys from that perspective.


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Which is why it is quite astounding that Cuthbertson has been shoved to exile on the outer.

I'll bet Cuthbertson would love as many chances as King has had!


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I like the idea of Matai in the scrum. He's got a bit of mongrel but at the moment is a non passing back. A waste of his outside man. Last night he passed the ball and Robbo got a hat-trick, but he doesn't do it often enough. As well he's prone to rushing out of the line needlessly. If he's in the middle others can remind him of his positional obligations. He can cart the ball up and not pass in the forwards. On the King thing, sell him now. He must really piss other team members off. Not good for team moral. Next week will be a test as the Panthers will be desperate, as we should be as well. I remember well the panthers killing us at Brookie a few years ago when they were running last and we needed the win to make the eight. Hopefully not repeated next week.

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