Simpkins was shocking

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No consistency from this bloke. He gave penalties for certain indiscretions but when QLD held down there was nothing forthcoming. When NSW were coming off their line the 10 m was non-existent. That penalty he gave that allowed Lockyer to kick for goal in the last few minutes was diabolical and was so wrong it wasn't funny. Qld had done worse at least three or four times and yet they got away scot free and he gave that penalty when the game was up for grabs.

Very poor game and a few wrong decisions both ways.
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I agree, that was one of the worst refereeing performances I have witnessed. How him and that gimp in the box came up with a try for Qld from Slaters knock on is beyond me. Then the gutless wimp wouldn't give Rooney a fair try when they go to Ref's Call. Some of his decisions were embarrassingly poor. Admittedly we got a couple of lucky calls towards the end, but in the first half he penalised us out of it. I think he felt the pressure.
What about when QLD took a tap from the 20 and Kimmorley was offside and penalised, and then NSW go for a 20 tap and he stops them because QLD weren't ready.

I agree Chip & Chase, benefit of the doubt to QLD for the first try, and then benefit of the doubt to QLD for NSW's potential try.
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Agreed vegas. I never heard these tossers complain when Harrogant was giving them the penalties to swing the game and sending our captain to the bin for no reason.

Quit your whinging you girls. If your team had come to play for more than ten minutes and you'd had a decent half back you'd have lapped us. Tough titties.
i thought he had a fine suncorp the penalty count should always be at least 12-2 or the is part of origin.nsw should be happy they got a single penalty.the grasshopper would rightly have marched the blues 10 metres downfield and infield a bit for dissent for that lockyer kick on fulltime. i was dissappointed he made it so difficult for our hero.

the blues ,like always, will slink back to sydney and prepare for another series loss with ricky" boo hoo" and his bee stung mate carping like old women .boo ****ing hoo and your bad mullett should get right back in your box.


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Lockyer made it difficult for himself. That guy must have bow legs from riding the QLD main mode of transport (Horses) all over the place
come on dan,youre not that silly.he missed it on was simply a means to get the ball back and position thurston for his sweetly timed,"never going to miss" field goal.lateral thinking is what makes these blokes champions.
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have to keep the qld's happy, sick of hearing those poofs whinge every year anyway. about time we had a turn!!!

where were the complaints from Hages about golden point today? he moaned his ar$e of last year when we won that way. at least Bennett was consistant and still bagged it.

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