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Silvertails cry poor

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Canteen Worker, Nov 15, 2007.

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    By Dean Ritchie Daily Terror

    November 15, 2007 12:00am

    MANLY yesterday took the extraordinary step towards another move to Gosford by asking whether the NRL was still offering its $8 million relocation grant.

    The Daily Telegraph understands the fed-up Sea Eagles will be forced away from Sydney's northern beaches unless the State and Federal governments outlay money to upgrade a crumbling Brookvale Oval.

    Manly research shows that since 1997 16 NRL grounds have received funding worth more than $900 million.

    Brookvale Oval, in the same 10-year time frame, has received just $1.44 million.

    The Sea Eagles have organised an urgent fan rally - called Brookie Forever - next Wednesday night at the Pittwater Rd ground.

    All supporters will be asked to lobby State and Federal Government members with emails and faxes - those addresses and numbers will be distributed at the meeting.

    The NRL told Manly officials the $8 million was still available but the club would have to relocate completely to the Central Coast.

    Manly merged with Norths in 1999 to form the ill-fated Northern Eagles joint venture which played half its matches, unsuccessfully, at Gosford for the next two seasons.

    "We have had board members in tears thinking about a relocation but even they can't see how Brookvale remains a viable option if it remains unfunded," Manly CEO Grant Mayer said.

    "If we fail in our push for funding, the peninsula will have the best supported team in the local A grade competition.

    "We have been lucky enough to gain a sympathetic hearing from both sides of politics but, to be honest, that doesn't buy a tin of paint or a bag of nails. The facility needs a significant financial injection.

    "We have got just 10 days of a political campaign left to show our elected members and their alternates that the people of the peninsula are completely fed-up with being last in the queue for government funding.

    "There is so much work to be done before a complete relocation is even considered by the board, but we have an obligation to our fans to ensure the Sea Eagles remain in the NRL and remain competitive."

    Manly co-owner Scott Penn confirmed a relocation had been discussed.

    "Moving isn't what we want, however we also recognise the fact we need a better ground for our fans," Penn said.

    "If we can't get support from the governments to create a ground that Sea Eagles fans will be proud of, then we will have to look at alternatives."

    NRL chief executive David Gallop said his organisation would monitor the situation.

    "The relocation incentive is certainly still on the table subject to a number of conditions," Gallop said.

    "For a start, it would have to be a true relocation with a long-term commitment to the area."

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