signings/anasta/orford etc.


i know im potentially sticking my neck out to be chopped off here BUT!!!!!

looks like Braith Anaster isnt going to practice his kicking as a rugby 5/8, with whispers that Orford could possibly stay at melbourne, Lyon looking at Meter Maids etc.

I would happily see Big Braith at 5/8 for the eagles, the bloke has played origin, has won grand finals etc etc and knows what it takes. Witt and Monaghs would still be in my 13 before the usual start at me.

Im a big fan of the big 5/8 theory, ie fittler / Barrett etc. he hits in defence as well and hits it up like another second rower.

get the cheque book out i say!

( wouldnt Crocker ad some mongrel to the pack also !!) ~:(
Is Anasta still good enough to play Origin. He seems to go missing when the preasure is on!
7 - Witt
6 - Anasta
9 - Monas

That would be a pretty healthy combination
sure, he has not starred in Origin but being considered is good enough for me, hes proved it in a semis/finals series, thats more important to me!

"My Emotions" have retired from rep football !!!! i like to concentrate on my club commitments now!
Monas is an 80 minute player, we likely wouldnt need the angry smurf on the bench even though he is my favourite player
mate randall can play 80 mins to, but he doesnt...

Buderas is definately an 80 min player but we still use Wing in the blues team.
The thing is would you have monas playing 30mins and dunley the rest or would you keep Dunley for the 20 minute job when he is less effective
I think we would benefit more from a genuine 5/8th than another half at the club.

My biggest problem is that witt is too similar to monas and doesnt really add much else, anaster would expand our skill level more. Hence why i dont see orford as the messiah
we would be one of anasta's best chances of good coinage and a premiership.

If we were to chase him im sure we would be considered a chance.
Doubt that Aanasta would liek to ruin his career at Souths despite his family connections.
Souths are a joke. We might have paid over the odds for Kennedy but look what he's done for us.

Worth every cent we pay him, and some.

Heggarty, Cusack and Company are where they are for an early retirement on a hefty superannuation.
Don't forget Feltch and harrison are saying good bye as well, they are about the onyl ones having a dig.

Although Sutton does have some ability and is their best prospect INO, he will be happy them signing up another 5/8.
If Anasta has $400k in his back pocket do you think he'll give a toss about how good the team is. He's off to souths or the Roosters imo!
We definitley need at least 1 quality half to be genuine premiership contenders.

Personally I would prefer Orford, with Mona's at No: 9 but if Orford stays in Melbourne I would have no problem in going after Anasta.

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