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Journey Man
Each year someone gets unofficially nominated as the year's best off-season signing. Last year that man was Amos Roberts at the Panthers.

I thought Glenn Morrison would probably get the gig this year for the Eels. However, the early stand outs were Smith and Adamson for the Raiders and Carl Webb for the Cowboys. Smith is now injured, as suspected.

In recent weeks though I reckon Kennedy has pulled ahead. Man of the Match on sunday backing up from state of Origin is an inspirational performance. His influence on other players has been key too.

Kennedy now leads the race by three lengths for mine. I bet the club now wish they HAD appointed him as captain, given Monaghan's parlous recent form and the nonsense over his re-signing.
Would watmough be the player he is then?

NO. BK would have been off doing the captains duties and would not have had time to mentor watmough an bring him along to the player he is today.

Would monahan's form been any better - not likely.

Would BK being captain helped the team overall - Definatly No.
i think you have to take that player out of the respective team and then ask if that team would still be doing as well, i think BK is way more vital to his teams winning chances than those other blokes.

having said that we did beat souths without him!!!!!
Under-rated player and buy of the year is Whatuira.

Why did we not chase him ?????? He has scored 10 himself,and put Richards over nicely too.

Funny how the little talked about centres signings from last year are doing the business over the big names (Whatuira and Byrne)
BK is buy of the year. Maybe he is playing so well because he concentrates on PLAYING!

He still does the odd media gig here in there to make him feel important enough!

I thiink the club has done an excellent job with decisions in 2005.................thats why were coming 2nd halfway through the comp. theres no way any of us would have predicted that.
Johnathon Thurston is a stand out for mine. Closeley followed by Witt & Kennedy (without being bias) these are my true feelings.
To include Witt in the some company as Thurston and Kennedy is hilarious imo. He's been solid but not even close to outstanding. Kennedy and Thurston are at the head of the Dally M's for a reason.
Steve Price would be close, his side hasn't being going great but his individual form has been outstanding, shame about the injury.
Steve Price would be close, his side hasn't being going great but his individual form has been outstanding, shame about the injury.

Buy of the year? Playing well isn't enough to be in that category. It's to do with influence on a side. I think the winner is either Smith or BK thus far.
c eagle...I put Witt in there for value for money compared to the rest. I assure you he wouldn't be on the 200k to 300k the rest of the players are!
c,you would not beleive the influence Price has had over here on the the Warriors players. Not far behind his brilliant play,and the Warirors have been 1 of the most consistent performing sides this year,just missing out on the wins narrowly
Interesting that Price has had a big impact. Not surprising.

What has surprised me is why they are down the table. I picked them to be one of the big improvers this year - yet they have lost the close ones and are in danger of not making the playoffs.

BK seems to have turned our lot from a rabble with potential into the real deal!!
If they had taken 1-2 more of those close losses they would be right up there Canteen.
I am seeing enough to say that they will threaten the finals,although losing Price for 12 weeks will be a big test
They seem to have lost a few at home.

Home form, if it continues is what will get our lads over the line.

If we win 9 out of 12 at home (and should do better than that) plus win two more away from home we should at least make the semis. (Souths and Knights to play away - plus a few other midranking teams!)
I didn't think the Warriors had any chance of making the finals before Price got injured and their odds have lengthened dramatically since in my books.
Price can't be signing of the year if he's out for half of it - regardless of what impact he has off the field.

No value for money with Wiki continually suspended either.

Byrne has probably been their best buy. :lol: Fien's been quiet since he bled like a faucet.

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