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Journey Man
Here some goss for you lads, that I believe may be legit.

Matai has agreed to a 3 year deal.
Willow will NOT be going to France (missed out).
Perry will be announced next week.
Rose I believe will be staying with the maroon and white.

That is all. The other rumours you can here through the grapevibe.
Corso Pete will be livid ! Hehehehe...


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How many games will Mattai play in the next 3 years? 6? He is always injured

Does that mean that we are stuck with Willo?

Jester. Can't say I am excited about him.

Rose staying. Probably because no-one else wants him. We had better reinforce the bench for next year with him and Jester in the team.

They will be calling us the lack of lateral movement team next year.


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Ryan, info is pretty well spot on. Info I heard was that if Steve Bell stayed so would Willo, (it would appear their respective wives are very close friends). The Manly doctor said Rose would not leave the club particularly after the club has been making the payments on his mortgage until he is up and running. Matai had agreed to stay around the time the club chose to let Burns go to the Cowboys.

Head this over th last 3-4 weeks. Hope this backs up your info Ryan.

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Willo :wall: Why are we persisting with him. I can only assume because we are losing Burns and Monas that he will become our new utility :doh:


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Willo is a workhorse, his stats are outstanding in most games heplays. Sides are not just about superstars. Sure his attack is not line breaking material.

Jatz Crackers

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Willo is a workhorse, his stats are outstanding in most games heplays. Sides are not just about superstars. Sure his attack is not line breaking material.

Yep. It doesnt matter so much about Willows lack of attack if his defensive workrate is balanced by the rest of the teams attacking abilities.

It IS balanced in the backrow, with Choc & Stewy 2, both metres and can offload for 2nd phase play but it ISNT balanced in comparison to the halves who are not doing their job at the moment.


No way would I get rid of Willo.

A reason?? Just look to the game on the weekend.. in the first half the Dragons were 10m out of our line and big Dan Hunt (i think) charged onto a short ball from Soward and Willo chopped him down right were he was about 3m from our goal line. I don't know how many of the other blokes in our team could do that. He does it most weeks and is always the one showing the most desperation to get to a loose ball.

When was the last time willo dropped the ball?? I can recall just 1 this year??


Good news about the other signings in my opinion.

I hope Georgie doesn't lose too much confidence we need a strong runner like him. I am hopeful Josh Perry will improve with a change of clubs. At the very least this should push Bryant off the bench... He is a spent force IMO.

I think with Perry and Rose on the bench they will at least compete for a starting spot. Bryant has no chance of being a starter for us.


Not only is Willow a real workhorse for the Eagles, he is also a really nice guy. He took a lot of time to chat to my 2 boys & nothing was too much trouble. When was the last time you heard anything negative about him??????


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Guys - and this is from management, and I quote:-

"We want the best bench in the competition".

I love those words.

Just imagine:-

Luke Williamson (the glue)
George Rose (damaging)
Jesters Pies (renewed energies I hope)
Glenn Hall (plays backrow / prop)

THEN Mark Bryant waiting in the wings....


Winging it
Those signings are fine. Matai needs to keep the controlled aggression w/o turning into an on-field dickhead and liability. The problem is that his type of personality (like Hoppa, Dunners, now Burns) just NEVER seem to learn. I once saw Hoppa play a game perfectly then screw up the next week and get suspended. They are all the same and Matai is most likely going to cause us pain.

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I think it is all good news

I don't get all obsessed with the weight thing, would rather a couple of blokes out of the ordinary of the usual robots that are used, that trouble the defensive line

Rose was hitting that form, and Perry has shown it in the past 2.

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