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so, Jethro, why did my popular thread "what are you really really sick off?" get removed from the Rugby League Forum? please go back to the original topic and you will see that all my comments were Rugby League points and isn't that the entire point of a Rugby League Forum? sure the thread went off topic and I said as much in a later post. you are massively overtraining bud. relax. we live in an over the top enough PC world without this site becoming sanitised way above and beyond. resist the temptation to delete this thread please and take the feedback on board. if this gets deleted or I am banned then I give up.
why do people keep persisting with asking questions about why threads are moved or removed?

It was moved to the general discussion forum because it turned into more of a general discussion topic, what difference does it make where the thread is located?
Did Toovey ever give up? What the Beaver? Lyon or Lyons never gave up. True Manly men or girls don't give up.
P.S. This is football related.
Further more its not about being PC its about not being dickheads basically
Dan said:
Further more its not about being PC its about not being dickheads basically

Dan, this isn't personal
to your point about why does it matter where posts are located?
simple answer - I only read the Rugby League Forum and I suspect I am in the majority of posters right there - I don't go anywhere else - it's where the Manly and RL action is
I agree it's about not being dickheads and like most posters here I enjoy it when a topic I post gets a good response and gets fellow fans talking and it's annoying when it gets moved and effectively killed off by overzealous moderators
come on Dan, this is healthy feedback, I love the site and I respect the work of moderators who keep the site clean from the real dickheads, trolls from other clubs
so I believe that rather than rising up against me, pull back on the moving of (in my case) what was a fair cop Rugby League forum topic that was getting a good response and others that may get moved around for flimsy reasons
So your complaint is, on the forum that costs you nothing, a place where posters like you and I do next to nothing compared to mods, you have to look somewhere else for a thread

It is a an overused cliche these days but....if that is not a first world problem I do not know what one is
I don't have any issues with Baz's thoughts. He is disappointed that an original good topic is no longer where he normally looks. But it got shanghaied to a non-RL topic very early and hasn't looked like getting back there. As Jethro said the mods get complaints if it is allowed to stay and also if it gets moved. In this instance the thread turned into a dead RL topic and could have been put in the Cricket forum. Sorry Baz but the thread with all the cricket stuff lost me ages ago :)

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