Should we now make a play for Thompson?

Thompson has been cut by the Dragons. I figure it's between us, the Sharks, the Bunnies and the Storm in the race for his signature. Should we go out and try get him?

The Wheel
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Although he would add some starch to our pack, he might be more trouble than he is worth. He is also mainly a 2nd rower, we have enough of them and I wouldn't like to see Glen Stewart or Cutho being held back to accomodate Thompson for 1 or 2 years.

We have had enough 'bad eggs' over the last few years. I hope the club has learnt its lesson in buying trouble.


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I disagree Wheel. He is 26, so potentially has 5 years left in him. He is also ABLE to play prop. He adds aggression (which the current tier of manly props totally lack - except for Cleal), and seems to have his heart where his current situation is, unlike some of our coaching staff (Roach) who would barrack for The Tigers when we (his employer) play them.
Look guys - should we honestly leave unspent salary caps IN CASE a certain player is made available?
It's a tough one. I'd take a 24 year old Jamie Lyon over almost anyone in todays game, but realistically, why leave 06 cap for a player that will be here in 07, except for a sign on fee?

If that is the case, we are AGAIN behind the eight ball next year.

The Wheel
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If it was Luke Baily, Ashotn Simms or Jusitn Poore I would say go it (props). Not sure whether he would solve much but he could well create a few problems - he has a history of trouble that extends longer than this season.
I think we should go for him. He could easily slot into the front row, and will add a bit of heart and passion to the pack. Also, we need to win NOW, not worry about '07. You only get a couple of years to win a Comp with a batch of players, and I think it's now or never for us.


Kim Jong Dan
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I wouldn't mind seeing him at manly but I would say he is gone to the sharks. He looks like he likes the shire life


let him go bye!!

We won't need him, we'll be sweet next year. I think Kite in the front row and a fight for the other prop will bring the best out of the contenders. Our backrow is the best in the comp, leave it and leave him alone.

Jatz Crackers

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Thompson is a quality player, BUT as Nutz said, 'let him go"

Fact is Thompson strengths are as a 2nd rower and that just doesnt fit in with where our teams needs are, now or in the near future.

Always best to steer the recruitment/development ship towards sewing up highest quality players in their specialist positions.


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Souths could have potentially a decent team next year. I'm not up with ALL their players, but check out this (from memory)

01. Adam Macdougall
02. Luke Macdougall
03. Buddy Yilleen (Don't know how it's spelled)
04. Paul Mellor
05. Shannon Hegarty
06. John Sutton
07. Ben Walker / Adam Dykes / Michael Monaghan
08. Peter Cusack (c)
09. Stuart Webb
10. Joe Gulovou
11. Mark Minichello
12. Lance Thompson

14. Bo Champion

Don't know the rest - but it isn't a bad nucleus at all.
Other Souths Players from 05:
Manase Manuokafoa
David Fa'alogo
Beau Champion
Scott Logan
Todd Polglase
Garth Wood

Still no Top 8 Team


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Yilleen - LoL I think his nickname is "buddy" - sorry bout the mistake. They'll give the 8 a shake this year. I don't have all the confidence that WE can beat them. Remember the last time we did?


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he's a jerk and we dont need him, look at what we have, spend the money on some beers for the players after the games.

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Thompson plays more like a front rower these days and is a worker, plus a strong defensive player. We need to tighten up our ruck defence plus get more metres. If he was available we would be mad not to consider him, as much as I don't like him.

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