Should Orford be our captain??

This is not a dig at Orford I just want to put a theory out there and see what you think.

Before Orford came to Manly there was a perception he wouldn't stand up under pressure after failing to take the Storm to the big one. At the time I dis-regarded it as rubbish and knew that he would be great for Manly as he is a top quality halfback.

He is now 1 and a half seasons into his contract with us and I have to say that I'm beginning to agree with the sentiments of those that had that previous perception. Almost everytime there is something riding on a game (i.e Origin spot, finals game etc) he doesn't stand up and take control like all champion players do.

My question is:

Is it worth a try to take the C from Orford's name in a bid to take pressure off him??
UFO Hunter
No. I think he puts himself under to much pressure. I also believe that is why he has been struggling this season. Perhaps he expects to much of himself and pushes to hard.

It would be a hard one to take off him without shattering a players confidence but Kite was doing a good job. Give it back to him for a while.
Staff member
Leave it where it is for now, realistically the (c) is little more than a communicator between the ref and team

All sides have more than 1 person who take crucial leadership roles in the side, Kite our best example when we are in the ****, with Watmough behind him. Quite often see Monaghan doing a lot of the talking in the huddles before the match too

If Orford took the Menzies step and handed it over, than Kite is the man
Journey Man
I am hoping that he gets the nodd tomorrow, not that i think he has earnt it but neither has anyone else so why not.

After that ill have all my fingers, toes and any other apendiges crossed that the monkey will dissapear forever.

If not then invest in a sports shrink, it wont be under the cap.
I think Orford takes the Captaincy role alot like Menzies did. I think it could be a burden on him... I think like flip said he puts himself under too much pressure perhaps because he is the captain. I'd like to see Kite given the captaincy and see what happens.
UFO Hunter
I think Orford earnt the role in the Melbourne Game.

I think he threw it way in the last 5 mins of the penrith game but he really wasn't that bad.

If you guys expect any halfback besides andrew johns to stand up and pull friday nights rable out of the flames 'ON THERE OWN' than the bar is way to high.
UFO Hunter
Before the Melbourne game, No. Since then he has had 2 solid games.

I can't ask for more because I expect no more than that from anyone.
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I'd take the ball away from him when we're kicking a penalty that's for sure. Someone should be coached to punt long.
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And not close to Monas form from Rnd 2-8 this year ;)

But I agree with Flip give the (C) to Kite
He doesn't seem to be organising at all, even in a halfback way.

I'd like to see him hand it over. Give Kite the captaincy, let Monas call the shots for a bit. Just until he plays himself back into a dominant role within the team. Then, if he feels that it would be best for himself & the team, he can take back the (c).
Journey Man
either way this is most likely to become a moot point after the origin teams selection today anyway.

Either he gets the nod this game or he wont get a jersey this year one would think. So it should be back to normal until the finals.
UFO Hunter
If he gets the nod, you will all bow down and worship me!

If he doesn't, well, I'm going to find the closest egg, crack it and smear it all over my face.
Journey Man
If he gets the nod, you will all bow down and worship me!

If he doesn't, well, I'm going to find the closest egg, crack it and smear it all over my face.

indication point to gimmemorley, keep an eye out for any stray eggs laying around

Still im hoping they dont give him another lifeline and take the punt like they did on mullen.

Also seems hoffman will get the nod over watmough, gallen and co
UFO Hunter
I think it will be gower.

However up until the last 5 minutes of friday night I would have put money on orford.
They won't not select Orford because of 5 mins. They won't select him because he's not up to it.

Pick Mullen again.

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