should dessie go?


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i remember in the pre-season this year on the news that m'ment would look for a new coach if the eagles didnt make the 8.


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No Dessie is doing a good job.

Toovey will do a better one when he takes over in 3 years


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Its up to him.

If he cant get us into the 8 thats a second half of the season with 5 wins or so. Would need to have a good look since he doesnt seem to like change.


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Its not dessies fault that the side has deteriorated from 2nd to 8th in about 6 weeks.

He showed us that he can coach the current side to compete with the best of them.

I think he's doing a great job and the Hoppa decision has me standing more and more behind him every day.


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If we consistently finish in the bottom 7 teams every year (no finals in how long?), there will eventually have to be a changing of the guard. I personally think Des takes a too relaxed approach to losses (upbeat after our last flogging by Saints, and afgter 6 losses in 7 games).

That said, if we DO come 10th this year, as most of us predicted, it's a pretty frigging sad thing that we realise that our team is that damned terrible.

If we aren't top 2-3 next year - then I say bring out the golden boot, coz the golden boy will have to get punted.

The ONLY other team that consistently hasn't made the finals as much as us in the past 8 years is SOUTHS. The ONLY team guys. What's that say?

We all now totally accept mediocrity...and it's reallt saddenning.


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its a bit early to start calling for the coaches head, we should be looking at our weakneses on the field before we start calling for dessie to go, besides compared to last year we are a completely differnet side.


you have to remember this squad was assembled only last year, so its not normal circumstances. the teams not even two seasons old, next year the team is already looking stronger.


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Pepsi - we have been saying that about the respective coaches for the past 8 years. When's the line drawn in the sand?

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Nonsense Ryan. Noone ever said it about Sharp and he is the only other coach we have had since Bozo.

I think that Dessie has done all sorts of things to get our boys up to the job and you yourelf tipped them for 10th. Anything better is overachieving.
dessie gives them every chance IMO.he needs to serve his term in peace.


having said that i didnt agree with him today re 5/8.we couldnt possibly consider basically having a series of forwards roving at 5/8 in the unlikely event we play a semi so i couldnt see much point in trying it as it has no real value going forward.changes by all means but not change for changes sake.but overall des deserves a needs fan support.


I agree Sue, the coach can only do so much. it is up to the players to show a bit out on the paddock.

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