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Short kick offs and othe rule changes

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by rosco, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. rosco

    rosco Active Member

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    The Saints game on ANZAC Day and last nights game again makes me ask why teams don't use short kick offs more. At the moment the only time they seem to be used is when teams are behind in the las ten minutes and desperate to score. Isn't league all about possession and scoring?
    When short kickoffs are used the attacking team gains possession probably 40% of the time. They are then 30/35 metres out from the line and on the attack. If it doesn't work you have given up about 15 metres in territory. I'm not saying use it all the time but don't leave it until you are desperate. The game needs more variety to add excitement.
    Another idea raised years ago was giving teams the option of two more tackles if they don't kick on the last tackle. If they take it they can't kick on the last(8th) tackle. Again it would add variety and unpredictabilty.
    Also all free kicks in you own 30 meters that are awarded near the side line should be taken in 10 meters. There is little advantage in getting a penalty right on the sideline in your own red zone especially if it is on the first couple of tackles.
    Any thoughts?
  2. eagleE

    eagleE Active Member

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    I like the idea of a short kick off. Especially with guys with the jumping calibre of killer or beaver who can get on top of the opposition.
  3. Vyssini

    Vyssini Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Had exactly the same discussion on short kickoffs with a dragoons mate on Thursday- the guestimated figures you wrote were the same ones we came up with. I reckon if practiced it should be the norm rather than the exception for kickoffs.
    As for additional tackles if you run on the last, i don't know if adding tackles is the way to go. If the sole purpose of the exercise is to promote more running the ball on the last, maybe all kick regathers, be it from grubbers or open field bombs, should be zero tackle for the "catching" team, whereas a tackled player on the last hands over to tackle one.
    As for sideline penalties, I agree.
  4. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

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    I think a good rule change would be when a penalty is given in the attacking 20m zone, and a kick for goal is not chosen, then the players should be allowed to simply tap and reset the tackle count, forget the silly kick for touch when within 20 anyway. The advantage should be with the attacking team by allowing them to make the decision quickly and exploit a defensive line that is not yet set.

    If we want to encourage running football then the simple answer would be to not allow a conversion attempt for trys scored from kicks, or to make such a conversion only worth 1 point. This would make the try scored off a line break or a clever pass more valuable then the lottery kick in the air sort we see so often.

    I also think that we should be encouraging one on one tackles, rather then the 3 man in varieties we see today. One way I can see of doing this is to allow a one on one tackler to strip the ball with no risk of it being called a knock on. So if the player knocks the ball out of an attackers hands forward, as long as he is the only one in the tackle it is play on. Either team could regather of course, and the tackle count would still be reset for the attacking team if they get the ball. But the risk removed that the strip will be called a knock on and penalized.

    Another way to cut down on 3 man tackles is to not count any tackle with 3 men in it as a tackle in the count. So if the attacking team run the ball on the 4th and are tackled with 3 or more in the tackle, then the next run is still counted as being on the 4th.

    Teams could still use 3 men tackles to stop players like Trex close to the line, but would have to understand that they would have to defend an extra play each time they did.

    This would cut down on the wrestle in the general play where it isn't a make or break tackle, and it is simply a case of 3 men in to slow down the play the ball.
  5. mike walker

    mike walker Well-Known Member

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    g'day all,A couple of things i'd like to see changed are the stripping rule and the number of interchanges,and a way to reward a one on one tackle where as now you are more often than not punished by quick play the balls.My thoughts:1-reduce interchange to no more than 6-brings in more fatigue factor:2-get rid of the stripping rule making ball security a priority which would mean ball runner has to concentrate more on holding the ball and the defence knowing it can play at the ball try to steal it,might see a return to first man low second man high type defence that encourages technique rather than numbers in the tackle.To help promote effective low tackling enforce a strict interpretation of the play the ball making player rise to feet,place ball on ground,rake back with foot which gives one on one tackler time to get to marker.
    cheers mike

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