Sharks: Nutley gone, Thompson chased!


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Both Sue Ridgepipe and I have very high regard for Nutley - he is a workhorse of the Heckenberg variety (though better). I'm actually quite shocked by this move, especially as Thompson is no certainty!

Nutley is a very good clubman too. The same could not be said for Thompson.

Sharks to talk to Thompson

Cronulla Sharks boss Steve Rogers will meet Dragons discard Lance Thompson later today to negotiate a deal for next NRL season.

Cronulla today finalised the release of State of Origin forward Danny Nutley, who has accepted a lucrative two-year contract with English club Castleford.

The club had earlier indicated Nutley's release was contingent on agreeing terms with Thompson, but Rogers signed the release papers today.

"The Nutley thing is a done deal. It was completed this morning," Rogers told AAP.

Rogers now heads off to another meeting in which he is looking to add Thompson to the roster for 2006, despite saying last week that the Sharks were content to bring on their own young players.

Nutley's move has changed all that.

"He has been offered a quite exceptional two-year deal in the UK," Rogers told radio station 2KY.

"He's been a great servant to the club in his time with us, and now he has an opportunity to set up himself and his young family.

"Danny is on the other side of 30, and whilst he's still a great competitor, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him."

Rogers said it had not been an easy decision, and he denied it would set a precedent for players to get a release simply because they've been offered more money somewhere else.

"It's one of those where you're damned if you do and damned if you don't," he said.

"I'm not about to be letting players go willy nilly. I've spoken long and hard to [coach] Stuart Raper. I've spoken at length to Danny about it, and last night for a couple of hours with my board about it.

"At the end of the day I'm thinking about the player and his future.

"You've got a very limited time in this game as I can certainly attest to.

"Danny was most sincere in his approach to the club. He hasn't been on huge money. Danny was in England when the Super League thing happened and he came over here on a very modest contract.

"He's worked his way to a situation where he's earning reasonable money.

"We've got a one-year-deal, he's been offered a two-year deal [from Castleford].

"Even if I was to say to Danny I'll sign you for another year, we still wouldn't be within cooee of where it is financially."


The sharks sound like an unhappy bunch and are my tip to explode sometime next season and Raper will be gone.

Depending on whether parra sign hagan soon I expect the Knights and Parra to implode next year as well with coaches who are leaving.

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