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Sharks bouncer

Kiwi Eagle

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Nov 12, 2004
Ricky calls on 115kg bouncer
By Dean Ritchie and Josh Massoud
July 18, 2007
EDDIE Su'a usually spends Friday night on the door of a western Sydney nightclub, but this week the 115kg bouncer will be packing down for the Sharks.
The continuing injury crisis at the Sharks yesterday prompted coach Ricky Stuart to call on the unheralded giant to help to get his side's season back on track against Manly at Brookvale Oval.
Su'a, a part-time football player on a $5000-a-year contract, works six nights a week as a bouncer who has survived a workplace shooting.
The sudden elevation of Su'a, 24, came on a day when NRL clubs across the board were struggling to fill their player rosters due to mounting injuries.
The Bulldogs also called in a park football player yesterday - thrusting 27-year-old carpenter Fred Briggs into the side to tackle Gold Coast at Carrara on Friday night.
But Su'a's sudden rise to an NRL star is the most remarkable story.
He works the door at Mounties club and P.J. Gallaghers in Parramatta, often not finishing work until 3.30am.
"It's a hectic life, I don't know how I do it," Su'a said.
"Not many players work and play these days, but prayer gets me through and I take this as a blessing that I have achieved first grade.
"I am still living with my parents in Liverpool. It's a bit of a struggle but I have to keep disciplined and I know there are things I have to sacrifice."
As Su'a reflected on his sudden rise to league fame yesterday, he told of the night in 2002 that a crazed patron shot him in the leg at Revesby Workers Club.
"A fight broke out on the dance floor and I went to break it up," Su'a said.
"He shot at me five times; one got me in the leg. It certainly put back my football plans."
Sharks coach Stuart is confident that Su'a will cut the NRL big time.
"He was a park footballer with Helensburgh and also played Premier League this year, and I'm just asking him to come in and do himself proud with his performance," Stuart said.
Briggs, the Bulldogs' new recruit, started the season on match payments with Jim Beam Cup side Sydney Bulls.
Currently working on a house in Matraville, the qualified carpenter has been given the rest of the week off to prepare for his NRL debut.
"It's pretty quiet at work so the boss has given me a bit of time off," Briggs said.
Two other players in Stuart's injury-hit Sharks squad for Friday night are also on humble contracts: Dayne Weston is on an annual $10,000-a-year deal while Henry Perenara signed for just $20,000 a season.

Jatz Crackers

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Nov 5, 2005
\"but prayer gets me through and I take this as a blessing that I have achieved first grade.
Instruct Bryant & Kite to run at him and then cross themselves in front of him, before handing off to one our backs to scoot arount him while he finishes his amens.


Who cares how big he is - can he play football? The way the gummies have been going if he was any good he would have played firsts by now. Not when they have 24 players injured.

I would suggest that ox and a few others will have fun running around him all game. I bet he is stuffed after about 20 minutes.

He played for norths PL grade last year.

DVS Matt

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Oct 29, 2004
every year there is a story like this for one club or another - they always turn out to be duds.


From the North's website:

I liked Eddie as a player, but I thought he was a bit gentle-natured. One time he flattened an oppostion player with one of his runs. The player got stretchered off, which seemed to upset Eddie because for the rest of the game, he tried to run around tacklers rather than through them. I don't go to games to see players stretchered off, but it was his poor tackling technique that was responsible.

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