Shark attack yields 20 stitches


Winging it
That was a headline too good to resist :)

This from Fox Sports news this morning:

A player at the Cronulla Sharks RLC has been admitted to hospital after an altercation with a teammate at training.

Jacob Selmes needed 20 stitches in his head following the incident. An inquiry is reportedly underway at the club.

The Fonz

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I bet the other bloke was a Kiwi. I remember the sharks had a problem with in fighting a few years ago between Kiwi's.


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Shark decked


December 16, 2005

CRONULLA prop Hutch Maiava has been suspended indefinitely by the Sharks after decking a teammate at training yesterday.

Sharks lower-grade prop Jacob Selmes reportedly received 17 stitches to his face after he and Maiava became involved in a punch-up in the Cronulla gym.

It is understood the pair were playfighting during a weights session when Maiava threw a stronger punch, and only realised the damage he had done when he went to apologise to the bleeding Selmes.

Maiava, regarded by Sharks teammates as a gentle guy off the field, was immediately remorseful for his actions but was told to not attend training today.

Sharks coach Stuart Raper was last night deciding on a suitable penalty for Maiava, with club chief executive Steve Rogers currently on leave.

"There was a flare up of some sort and the club will deal with it appropriately," said Sharks football manager Greg Pierce.

"But it's not the first time over the years that teammates have got heated at training, at our club and every other club.

"There have been a few of these sorts of things.

"I'm sure Stuart will have it sorted out by (today)."

Selmes is a former captain of the Cronulla Jersey Flegg side, and the club believe he will be a future first grade front-rower alongside Maiava.


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I bet the other bloke was a Kiwi. I remember the sharks had a problem with in fighting a few years ago between Kiwi's.

Jacob Selmes is from up your way Fonz, he is a Port Macquarie boy


daniel, i believe the saying goes "A good friend will come bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Man, we f@#ked up!"

unless you edited it because of the language

Jatz Crackers

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3 weeks OFF training in the summer heat and fined $10k by the club which is i presumed retained by the club (probably pre tax)

So where is the satisfaction for Selmes in any of that ?

If thats the sum total of the repercusiions then i would be wanting one free shot at hutches nose, guts and nuts. Oh,... and a free beer or 2!


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I've got one thing to say on this situation.

Imagine it was Hoppa that did this !!!
He'd have been sent to jail for 10+ years !!!

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