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semi Independent commission

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by jbb/james, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. jbb/james

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    Player payments are in the news again as the NRL embrace themselves for negotiations for a new TV deal. A deal that should skyrocket Rugby League back to the top of the heap in an increasingly difficult time slot, winter sport . With the independent commission all but set to go, the reports are in, with the findings igniting hope that the next pay deal will put league back on the throne as No 1 winter sport.

    Sure the TV spin doctors are out in earnest, trying to water down the NRL's findings but the fact still remains Aussies watch League on TV like no other sport in Australia.There is nothing better on a cold Friday night, after a long week at work to curl up in front of the heater with a drink and the kids and watch the footy. Its Australian.

    While all roads seem to lead to the pot of Gold, independent commission or not, there are still many in the game including fans that need convincing, that any bid containing David Gallop will indeed bring the windfall this game to richly deserves. In many ways David seems a very good administrator, calm, collected and loves a camera but this is a man who is to receive a healthy contract extension for delivering League its worst possible result.History shows that.

    While he is quiet and calculated his demeanor appears perfect as a leader,but where has he led the game besides down the garden path. Is the game in better shape than before David Gallop? Why does NEWS LTD insist he has a 4 year grip on the NRL before they stop gouging the game. Are his results that undeniable that the NRL will fall apart under new leadership, and that the TV spectacle that is Rugby League will somehow be forever tarnished because David wasn't in the stands with his Chardonnay and golf clap. Perhaps his abilities as an administrator are so broad that he is actually the tactician for the QLD team and Neil Henry and Michael Hagan come to him for advice before passing it on to Mal.

    I think not, and in time I believe he will be not remembered for the success he brought to rugby league, but we will let history decide that

    If David was CEO at CBA or ANZ would his results earn him another gig in the hot seat ? In fact if he was running one of Murdoch's news papers would he be given the same vote of confidence he seems to enjoy now. Would his results earn him a non negotiable 4 year extension?

    As long as news ltds lawyer is CEO, the lack of transparency and distrust from the fans will continue to be speculated upon. With the Murdoch's all but packed, and there bags at the door the game beckons for a fresh start, a new beginning.If the NRL is to have an Independent commission should the CEO be selected on ability, rather than the clubs being held at ransom in the form of ultimatums.

    With the games future in the balance should the clubs insist Davids tenure is based on his ability to deliver the much needed and long overdue result.Every other stakeholder has a clause or nine inserted for their own gain.Its time for David to do whats right for the game rugby League,the game that has been so good to him. After all a man with such a formidable reputation for results shouldn't have difficulty getting a job in the AFL or the Rugby.
  2. Mybludog

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    News still has enough control on the commission to do what they want and keep Gallop there for as long as he wants to stay. Not much "Independence" about anything.

    Clubs will have about as much a say in how things are run as they do now.
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